AI War 2 Kickstarter: Paypal at last!

Update October 22nd, 2018: The kickstarter and backerkit periods are well and truly past now, and you can buy the game on Steam or on Humble, or via our Humble Widget.  They all have paypal options!

Update October 31st, 2017: Note that a number of older options have been removed, since we’re now closer to launch.  So this page has been cut down quite a bit in terms of what all is on here.
Chris here.  Well, gee!  I am super slow off the starting line on this one, and I apologize for that.  People have been asking for a way to pay with PayPal on our current kickstarter for AI War 2 for a while (to put it mildly), and I have not delivered until now.So what the heck are all these options down here?  Well, they basically correspond to the backer tiers on the kickstarter, which you should see for details.  Unfortunately paypal only lets me put 8 options per dropdown, so the first three dropdowns here are all just individual backer tiers.  To see what the heck it is you get with each one, please visit the kickstarter page.  The name of the tier here matches the name of the tier there, to try to keep things as clear as possible.


The items below are just a continuation of the items above, to reiterate.  If you select one of the items below, you’re already getting everything from the items above.  However, in the items below we do start getting into backer rewards that are not additive in some cases, so if you want to back at one level and receive a “lesser” reward, please use the comments to tell us.  If there are questions, you can always email us at arcengames at gmail dot com.


Yet again: the items below are just a continuation of the items above.  These are the really expensive tiers, and definitely read the kickstarter for details on what the heck these are all about.

A number of these have quite strict backer limits, and we’ll be enforcing those on a first-come-first-serve basis.  If the backer limit is exceeded, then we’ll look at the timestamps for when people chose those tiers, and refund the people who were too late.  In a rare exception, if we determine it’s feasible, we might be able to let the extra person keep that tier, but we’ll have to discuss the internal costs of fulfillment on our side.

Frankly all these notes about backer limits and how we’ll handle those apply to the middle backer tiers, although right now there’s a good amount of room in all the tiers that didn’t already sell out.

Related note: we won’t be strictly enforcing the early bird backer limits.  When those sell out we’ll also remove the option, but if a few extra people get the Early Bird pricing, that’s okay.  Our only concern with the backer limits and when we might have to refund you is the things that cost us substantial money/time to fulfill, and looking at what is feasible for us.

I apologize that this is all potentially so confusing: it’s a big part of why I’ve been putting off posting this in the first place!


Now the easy stuff!  Add-ons are just extra thingies that you can get in addition to your backer tier itself.  This is actually easier to handle with paypal (or backerkit) compared to kickstarter itself, go figure.  These are all things you can get as many copies of as you want, no limits:

Lastly, in kickstarter the tiers are when you pledge AT LEAST a certain dollar amount.  You can always kick in extra if you want to help reach the next stretch goal, but you don’t need any extra backer reward.


And now, the big ‘ol chart of stuff if you want to read about it here instead of on the kickstarter:


We’re always happy to field questions at arcengames at gmail dot com (easiest way to get our attention), but there are also quite a few common questions that are answered in our AI War 2 Kickstarter FAQ.  Things like delivery dates, what the difference is between an alpha backer and a launch/1.0 backer, and so on.




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  1. Thomas Savage says:

    Hello! I’ve just purchased the early bird early access bundle through paypal.

    Transaction ID: 2XY99114B5442481Y

    And was wondering that since it is not through the kickstarter website how delivery of the two bundled Bionic and Skyward would be delivered to me?

    Thanks in advance, love the Last Federation!

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