Contacting Arcen Games

For Tech Support

Please do not email support questions to the developers directly (Why?).

If you have general questions, the easiest way to reach us is on Discord.  This includes advice about computers, or other technical problems.

If you have an actual bug (or suspect you do), then please use our bugtracker to report it.

For Lost License Keys

If you ordered your copy of an Arcen product through this website directly, please click here for more info.

For Suggestions Relating To Our Games

Please do not email feature suggestions to the developers directly (Why?).

The proper venue for making feature suggestions is through our very robust Idea Tracker. This makes sure that your idea won’t be overlooked, and that other players can comment on it and vote for it if they also want to see the idea implemented. We pay a lot of attention to the most popular ideas here, so the best way to get a feature actually implemented is for it to be popular in the idea tracker.

For Bug Reports

Please do not email bug reports to the developers directly (Why?).

The proper venue for making bug reports is also through our Idea Tracker. Be sure to search first to make sure your suggestion isn’t a duplicate. If it is, you might want to simply subscribe to notifications about the existing issue, or write in with comments adding your perspective regarding to the issue.

Are You Wanting To Make (And/Or Monetize) Videos?

Please feel free to do so! Consider this our official permission. We love it when people take the time to make videos (LPs or whatever else) about our work, and can’t fathom why someone would want to prevent that. Even if you have something negative to say — free speech, man! On top of that, feel free to monetize however you like. We realize the amount of time and effort that goes into making such videos, and anything that helps you make a living with that is awesome by us. Thanks for taking such an interest in our work!

Want To Advertise On This Site, Or In Our Games?

No.  Please don’t email us about that, we don’t respond to them.

Are You Offering Localization Services?

We get a ton of these sorts of emails.  This is something you’d have to take up with the publisher, as we don’t handle that for our own titles.

Are You An Outsourcing Studio Of Any Kind?

Again, sorry, we’re not interested at this time.

Are You Looking For A Job Or Internship?

We are not hiring at this time.  We have had various interns over the years, but that was when we had staff.  This is now a solo studio, and will be remaining that way.  There will be opportunities for job-specific contracts at some point in the future, probably, but almost all of that will be for art of various sorts.

If you’re a writer, designer, composer, audio engineer, or programmer — then it’s very unlikely we’ll have positions of that sort in the future.  Chris handles all of those elements except for composition, and Pablo handles that.

Contacting Us By email

If you do need to contact us directly be email, our address is: [email protected]

Worried Someone Stole Our Artwork?

Please don’t be. Thanks for looking out for us, but please see this post for an explanation of why there’s no problem. We’ve been getting an increasing amount of email about this, but it’s all ok!

Why We Ask That You Not Email Suggestions/Bugs

Please do not email suggestions, tech support requests, or bug reports to the developers directly. This does not get your suggestion read faster or with a higher priority — quite likely it gets your email not read at all simply because of the volume of emails we recieve. There was a time when we could directly converse via email with customers about product features and changes, but that was before our customers outnumbered us by tens of thousands to one (and that ratio is only getting higher).

We’re extremely grateful for how much our customer base has grown and how interested they are in helping us improve our games, but in order to keep our sanity and do anything beyond answering emails all day long (we do still have to actually implement proposed changes, as well as work on future projects, to stay in business), we’ve had to take a more community-centric approach. The way to contribute suggestions is through the forums for our respective games, which will let the community discuss features and bring the most widely-valued features to our attention through community-organized mechanisms such as the AI War DLC polls.

We do read as many of the suggestion posts as possible, especially when we are going through an intense development cycle as for an expansion, but it’s not always soon after the suggestions are made, and we don’t always post responses due to the time involved if it’s not something we are going to implement soon. You can trust that your ideas are not going into a vacuum or a black hole, though; everything is catalogued and the feasible ideas that fit with the current direction of the game rise to the top eventually.

When it comes to tech support and bug reports, we read them all, and as quickly as we can, but if it’s off-hours and we’re not around, forum regulars can often help you in our absence. And, to be honest, the answer to your question is likely in the tech support forum already.

It isn’t at all our goal to erect barriers between ourselves and our community (we don’t hide our development staff behind PR representatives — we’re active in the forums, and you can email us directly if you have a good reason to), but the math of the situation is such that we were drowning in emails for a while there before we took steps to centralize on the forums. A lot of the incoming emails were also questions that were repetitive, or which were easily answered by someone other than us, but since they were emails that put the burden of answering solely on us. In the forums, there are hundreds of longtime fans who are able to answer many of those questions just as easily as our staff is.

Figuring out how to handle the growing pains as our community continues to blossom has been one of those “great problems to have” for us, but it’s a problem nonetheless. We don’t mean to offend anyone, and we do want to hear from you, but we ask that you join our forum community to do so. You’ll see us around there as well, though we can’t respond directly to every post — again, nothing personal — but there are lots of players there and almost every post gets some sort of response. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

Regarding Lost License Keys

If you ordered your copy of an Arcen product through this website directly, please send us an email at this address: [email protected]

If you bought your copy of an Arcen product through any other means (at retail, via another online store, etc), you’ll have to contact the support department of the vendor or publisher you bought from, as we don’t have any access to do that sort of thing with any other system beyond our own.