How To Buy Our Stufff

You’d think that this would be an easy answer, and don’t worry, it is!

Steam, GOG, or Humble.

“How Do You Get The Most Money From My Purchase?”

I get this question a lot.  We don’t have a preferred vendor.  I’m honored and pleased if you buy our games from Steam or GOG or Humble in particular.

If you want to give us the largest possible portion of your money?  Toss us a tip.  We get 100% of the money that you send via tips.

One Other Major Way To Help: Leave A Review

If you buy direct on Steam or GOG and leave a review, that has a big positive impact.  If you buy a key elsewhere and then leave a review, it isn’t counted.  Leaving reviews on Steam in particular raises the profile of the game in the store algorithm, and can get it in front of other people.  We live and die by that store algorithm at times, so to say that reviews matter is… putting it mildly.

Why Don’t We Maintain A Direct Storefront Anymore?

The short answer is that it wasn’t a profitable thing to do, and it took up a ton of time.  That’s not a good combo, so we stopped.

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