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It’s no secret that our record of game creation has been a twisting path.  Curious what drove each project, including the unreleased ones?

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Recent News

AI War 2 – 5.515 Hotfix

New build! This one has a couple of hotfixes. Linux became unstable partly because of a steam API update in the prior version (I think), and a GOG API update was also not helpful. Hopefully this solves those stability issues. There was also a necromancer bug in the prior version if you did not…

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AI War 2 – 5.514 Refinements

New build! This one has a whole lot of refinements in a variety of areas. Some more multiplayer fixes and improvements from Badger. Some encyclopedia improvements from Dismiss. A number of DLC2-focused balance changes, and some additional starting battlestation fleet styles from CRCGamer. Lots of mod updates from Badger and Dismiss. I did a…

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AI War 2 – 5.513 Necromancy And Reclamation

New build! This one has some tweaks and improvements to Necromancers, as well as a whole bunch of mods. Dyson Sidekick, DpsHud, Outguard Party, Reclaimers, and Points of Interest all saw updates. Lots of updates from Dismiss and Badger, primarily. More to come soon.Enjoy!

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AI War 2 – 5.512 Dyson Reapers

New build! This one allows exo-war units to attack the necromancer. Spicy! Maybe convert them to mummies, or maybe run in fear? (I’m sure it will be mummies) This one has a huge rebalance of the Dyson Sidekick mod by Badger, making them a lot more balanced and interesting based on his ongoing playtesting…

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AI War 2 – 5.511 Modtopia

New build! This one has yet more multiplayer improvements, and some general bugfixes, both from Badger. There are also a number of balance improvements from CRCGamer, and some quality of life improvements by Dismiss, and then… so many new mods, and mod changes! There’s a new Exowar Overhaul mod by Lord of Nothing, which…

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AI War 2 – 5.508 Multiplayer Bug Smiting Part 4

New build! More bugfixes for MP, and more balance in general for the necromancer, the dyson sidekick, and a load of mod updates. Dismiss comes in with a bunch of updates to his Outguard Party mod, the Reclaimers mod, and the Generator mod. More to come soon.Enjoy!

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AI War 2 – 5.507 Multiplayer Bug Smiting Part 3

New build! Another big batch of MP bugfixes from Badger, along with other bugfixes and balance tuning from Badger, CRCGamer, and Dismiss. Also lots of mod updates from Dismiss that aren’t in the release notes, but should be visible in-game. More to come soon.Enjoy!

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AI War 2 – 5.504 Multiplayer Bug Smiting Part 2

New build! This one includes more MP fixes, as well as some fixes and balance to SP. Lots of work from Badger, CRCGamer, and Dismiss in here. The MP fixes mostly center around when new planets appear, as well as quiet some logging with some of the Neinzul factions. Really there’s not an overall…

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AI War 2 – 5.503 Multiplayer Bug Smiting

New build! This one fixes the most notorious of the multiplayer bugs that players have been facing — big thanks to Badger for rooting out several that I just could not see, and had looked right past before. Wormhole changes were completely not working when sent to clients unless you disconnected and reconnected, due…

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AI War 2 – 5.502 No More Overlord Doubling

A variety of bugfixes and balance tweaks in this one, along with updates to Outguard Party, Classic Fusion, and other mods: One of the larger bugs this one fixes is “wow two AI Overlord Phase 2s appeared instead of one.” That was a bug that was introduced over a really long period of time,…

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AI War 2 – 5.501 Fixes

New build! This one is smaller, mainly some fixes. Some of those for mods, some for the main game. More fixes and similar are coming; it’s been a really busy period, and those of us internally have been spread unusually thin. More to come soon.Enjoy!

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AI War 2 – 5.500 Classic Fusion, And A Megaton Otherwise

AI War 1 and 2 fused together!? New build, and it’s truly a whopper: The first thing of note is that Puffin’s massive total conversion “Classic Fusion” mod is now released in this build. This has been a two-year project for him, and it essentially hybridizes the first and second AI War games, using…

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