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Features Added In The Expansion

  • Betrayal Mode: Ignore your ideals and conquer the solar system with armadas of your own!
  • Invasion Mode: Obscura invaders have already wiped out one race, and now threaten all the others. Can you rally a counterattack?
  • 17 new ships, 2 new solar system backgrounds, 32 new abilities, 19 new achievements, 13 new music tracks, and 5 new quests!

About The Expansion

Betrayal Mode reverses the usual game flow, making you a full planetary power trying to achieve solar domination — adding a new layer of 4X onto the existing game.  You gain the ability to command armadas and ground troops, and the meaning behind political deals is very much shifted.  Rather than working toward unity, you attempt to destroy all your foes through subterfuge, war, and temporary alliances.

Invasion Mode sees you working with the other races to survive slaughter by a grave new threat, putting yet another major spin on things.  Forming the federation isn’t a priority when you are trying to keep a terror from consuming the entire system.

Plus new ships, abilities, music, and more!


This Is An Expansion To The Last Federation
The Base Last Federation Game Is Required To Play This!

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