Bionic Dues Beta 1.013 “Explosive Refinement” Released!

This one is largely some quality-of-life UI improvements, but also fixes a few bugs and makes some AOE changes with substantial balance implications. In general I’m trying to polish this up a bit more so we can do an official update with the new goodies for the rest of the folks playing Bionic (that aren’t using the beta updates). After that further breaking of stuff will commence ;)

Displaying Enemy Bot Detection Ranges
I had no idea how useful this could be until I tested it. Kudos to nas1m for the suggestion. Basically this lets you bind a key to “show the detection range of the bot under the mouse cursor”. In other words it shows you where not to stand if you want that bot to not see you. It fully takes into account line-of-sight and cover, etc, so often it gives you info you wouldn’t have guessed.

Area-of-Effect Overhaul
You know how rocket blasts could hit stuff the next room over, through a solid wall? Not anymore. Basically a solid wall (not door, not cover, WALL) will block any kind of explosion, though most explosions will happily “flood” around a corner to spread death and destruction, albeit probably not with as much force as previously.

In general this is a bit of a nerf to the player, but mainly in the sense that it’s not letting you do something that didn’t make sense anyway, and hopefully this is largely counterbalanced by the enemy not getting buggily-high concentrations of DoomBots and whatnot as it did before this dev cycle.

That said, if more balance changes are needed please let us know.

Also, if you were wondering why Boss health was getting so absurdly high, there were a few bugs in one of my recent updates responsible for that. Fixed now :)


This is a beta update delivered through the in-game updater, if you already have 1.008 or later. When you launch the game, you’ll see the notice of the update having been found if you’re connected to the Internet at the time.

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