Re: Incident on the previous Thursday

From: Skylaxian Diplomatic Corps HQ, Betamax
To: Skylaxian Embassy, Burlustia
Subject: Re: Incident on the previous Thursday

Under no circumstances whatsoever should any of our personnel ever walk in to a Burlustian bar again.

P.S. surveillance indicates that all of their buildings are actually bars.
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4 Responses to “Re: Incident on the previous Thursday”

  1. Chris Park says:

    Written by Keith — I take no credit. This was after his remark:

    What we need with some of these races is “% chance one of your diplomats will be mistaken for a meal” ;)

    I agreed, and he sent this back to me by way of response. Too funny not to post. :)

  2. Teal says:

    I was going to leave a clever little quip about diplomats and barbecue sauce, but then when i read it, i thought, oh my god that is gross, so i won’t get close to that. But Keith’s post was cute, but he has a sense of humor that is really over my head. I always feel like i’m not quite getting something when he is making jokes.

    Maybe i’m just not used to the northern humor. Or Southern or Eastern, or Western, or Central, or…

    Sometimes anything over the level of knock-knock jokes escapes me. I do have a sense of humor, just not very elaborate or refined.


  3. TheVampire100 says:

    What happens in a Burlustian bar stays in a Burlustian bar.

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