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AI War 2 v2.073 Released! “Filesize Finalization”

This is on the beta branch, as there are still a lot of unstable changes that we are working through.  The more testers the better, please!  Full notes here. How To Play A Beta Branch Build To play this on Steam, please go under betas and choose current_beta from the drop-down list. We would really […]

AI War 2 v2.062 Released! “Savegame/Networking Data Compaction”

This is on the beta branch, as it’s a freaking huge number of changes.  The more testers the better, please!  Full notes here. How To Play A Beta Branch Build To play this on Steam, please go under betas and choose current_beta from the drop-down list. We would really appreciate some testers on this so […]

AI War 2 v2.048 Released! “Bugfixes”

This one is nothing but a collection of bugfixes, but there are some very welcome ones.  Full notes here. What’s new? You can upgrade forcefield frigates beyond mark 4, as they now use the heavy hull tech type. Fleet Research Stations, new in the last version, now properly charge you AI Progress (AIP) for the […]

AI War 2 v2.047 Released! “Perks By Another Mother”

Only a day later, but this is a big one!  Full notes here. What’s new? First off, Badger found a bug in some of the fire teams code that had been leading them to be less efficient with their forces (using overwhelming force where it was not needed).  This was actually a really cool behavior […]

AI War 2 v2.045 Released! “Scientific Emergence”

Very similarly to the prior release, it’s been 24 days since the last writeup (and in this case, the last non-beta build).  This new version is only the fifth public build since then, though most of them were hefty and were in beta.   Full notes here. What’s new? First up, there is a brand new […]

AI War 2 v2.031 Released! “Faction Color Choice”

The last release I did a writeup on was 25 days ago, an eternity.  This new version marks the twelfth public build since then, although the most recent stretch were in beta.   Full notes here. What’s new? First up, we got GOG Galaxy support fully working, and also improved some of our Steamworks integration.  Both […]

AI War 2 v2.016 Released! “Thunderchild”

Wowzers.  This one has been a marathon, even though it hasn’t been that many days since the last release.   Notes here. A ton of under-the-hood bits have been overhauled for how to load savegames and the lobby, and everything moves a lot more smoothly now.  Specifically: The functionality for loading an existing savegame or quick […]

AI War 2 v2.012 Released! “Populous”

It’s been 17 days since the last build, but there’s a whole lot of goodness in this new one.  Release notes here. Also: I got married last week!  It was supposed to be next month, but on account of pandemic we had to adjust our plans.  My wife is a physician, and in the spirit […]

AI War 2 v2.009 Released! “Plenty Of Tuning”

We had one smaller hotfix, and then now this bigger one. The first hotfix corrected a bug that was happening with transports in the prior version with all the performance updates. There are a variety of general fixes and tweaks in both releases. The new release makes sure that you can always see your cripple […]

AI War 2 v2.007 Released! “Speed Boost”

We’ve had a series of hotfixes since 2.001 launched, and now we’ve got a more meaty release. This one includes a variety of bugfixes and balance tweaks for both the expansion and the base game. The way that engineers do repairs or assist other ships is now in a more intelligent hierarchy, which avoids some […]

AI War 2 v2.001 Released! “Expansion 1: The Spire Rises!”

The first expansion for AI War 2 is out!  It’s time for a little retrospective of how things have been going since the October 1.0 launch of the base game. Base Game Updates Put most simply, we’ve had 47 patches to the base game since 1.01, which is about one every 3 days.  There have […]

AI War 2 v1.332 Released! “The Extragalactic War Nears”

Several minor versions and a couple of beta versions have happened since Light and Shadow, the last one with a big writeup. Release notes for the most recent one are here.  So what’s been going on? The visual updates for the game have continued apace.  There are still lot of videos on that, even more […]

AI War 2 v1.328 Released! “Light and Shadow”

We’ve had three beta-branch releases that add and improve a LOT, and now this fourth one brings us back onto the main branch.  Release notes here. First up, we’re working on some visual upgrades to the ships and how we light them.  It’s not any work on their models, but the effect is still notable […]

AI War 2 v1.321 Released! “Enjoy Your Break, Voice Lady”

It’s rare that I include a joke in the title of a release, but this one was a comment by StarKelp on discord and was too good to pass up.  He helped find a really annoying QoL bug with the voice lines playing repetitively in certain cases, so here we are.  Full release notes here. […]

AI War 2 v1.320 Released! “Intelligence Intensifies”

Another week, another six beta releases which now are officially out here.  This is a big one!  For the full story, you’ll want to start reading at 1.310, if you haven’t been on the beta branch. First up, the Warden fleet of the AI now uses fire teams.  This is… a complete game-changer for them.  […]

AI War 2 v1.309 Released! “Instigator Cheekiness”

Release notes here.  This is a small one, mainly hotfixes. The Devourer now eats the Trader, as it should. Instigator bases now spawn much closer to you until 600 AIP, after which they can get fully cheeky again.  Previously they could really mess with you at random starting at only 300 AIP. There were a […]

AI War 2 v1.308 Released! “Mega Performance”

Release notes here.  This is another huge one, which is why it took us a week to get it to you. The top item here is performance, as the name of the release implies. The new fire teams are awesome and make the AI so much smarter, but we were having late-game performance problems with […]

AI War 2 v1.304 Released! “So You Like Combat Engineers?”

Release notes here.  This one really is just a laundry list of tweaks and fixes. First up, lots of folks noticed that combat engineers and combat sentry frigates were not constructing in the prior build.  This was the unfortunate intersection of some new (good) logic and some old (bad but not harmful until now) xml […]

AI War 2 v1.303 Released! “AI Hunter Fireteams For All”

Release notes here.  This is another followup to the epic one from a couple of days ago, mainly focused on some bugfixes and yet even more AI deadliness. First up, the Hunter fleet was previously only using the exciting new fire teams feature if you chose the new “Assassin” option.  That’s not something most people […]

AI War 2 v1.302 Released! “Frigate Empowerment”

Release notes here.  This is a small followup to the truly epic one from a couple of days ago, mainly focused on some bugfixes and balance tweaks.  More is in store for soon, but this is just a bit of tidying. Okay, maybe I lied?  For the frigates, the benefits in this version might actually […]

AI War 2 v1.3 Released! “The Grand New AI”

If you’ve been in the forums, you know that we’ve been in an opt-in beta period for the last… goodness, has it been three weeks? Release notes start here and then keep going here, here, here, here, and finally with today’s last bits here.  That’s almost 15 thousand words of text, 29 pages in a […]

AI War 2 v1.024 Released! “After Death”

Release notes here.  This one is all about the balance and bugfixes, and in a few cases those go hand-in-hand. What’s new? There was a major bug in the game in the last month or so where not every “after a ship dies” bit of data was being logged.  This came about when we started […]

AI War 2 v1.023 Released! “Cloaking Variagation”

Release notes here.  Variagation means different color patterns in the same plant, and I thought that was appropriate for what we’re doing with cloaking. What’s new? There were some problems with some people not being able to log their achievements to Steam, mostly those using non-US-English OSes or using linux.  We think that’s all fixed […]

AI War 2 v1.022 Released! “Slaying The Asymptote”

Release notes here.  All the achievements are now live on Steam, and we’ve also fixed up the build speed changes that were really bugging people in the prior build. What’s new? All 139 achievements are now live on Steam, so you can check out what those look like. The build speeds for higher-mark ships last […]

AI War 2 v1.018-1.021 Released! “Methodical Achievement”

Release notes here.  This one is pretty huge!  And it does finally have achievements — 139 of them — although not all of them will be visible on Steam for a few days. So what’s new? Achievements come with a few caveats, such as not having an in-game list to view them yet, and not […]

AI War 2 v1.017 Released! “Random AI Types”

Release notes here.  Lots of good fixes and tweaks in this one! There are finally random AI types that you can select in the lobby (Random Easier, Random Moderate, Random Hard, Random Brutal, Random Any), which is a long-requested feature that the first game had. The lobby now also sorts the AI types by difficulty […]

AI War 2 v1.016 Released! “Back From Beta”

It’s nice to do a beta when needed, but it’s also nice to keep that period brief.  We found a number of problems in 1.015 that we fixed and pushed in two non-version-incrementing releases that we just wrapped into the older release notes. Release notes for the new build are here.  They’re very small by […]

AI War 2 BETA v1.015 Released! “Testing The Outguard Waters”

Sometimes when we introduce changes that are sufficiently large, we like to run it through a beta branch first.  This is one of those releases, with the changes to the Outguard.   We’d love it if lots of folks would give this a try, so that we can feel confident bringing this back off the beta […]