Starward Rogue


  • Roguelite catacombs that evolve and expand with each of your successes.
  • Hundreds of items, enemies and rooms, and dozens of epic boss fights.
  • Fully playable with keyboard+mouse or gamepad.
  • 5 difficulty levels range from “Relatively Easy” to “Nigh Impossible.”
  • Play as a “head in a mech” harvested from the neck of everyone’s favorite Hydral.
  • Find secrets of The Megalith, a giant structure lodged in a star, as you lose many heads.
  • Figure out what happened to Rodney, an AI redshirt of uncertain motives.
  • Over-the-top mod support.  Detailed wiki: create enemies, items, weapons, and rooms.
  • Secrets!  Among them “incredibilities” that massively change the way the game plays.
  • Varied mech suits: dipole magnetism, time control, and more.
  • Upgrade during each “run” via EXP/Perks, shops, and items found while exploring.

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Starward Rogue
Action Roguelite with SHMUP elements.

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System Requirements

Windows XP SP2 or later
Mac OSX Intel CPU and OSX 10.9 or later
Ubuntu 12.04+, SteamOS+

2.4Ghz CPU
400 MB Hard Disk Space
Screen resolution at least 720px high, and 1024px wide.