AI War Classic Official 8.024 Patch Released!

Bugfixes and an AI War II kickstarter notice on the main menu.  The release notes cover the details, and we hope that you enjoy those fixes. :)

We also hope you’ll stop by the campaign for AI War II and see if you think it’s worth your time and/or money.  We are having an exceedingly hard time reaching our existing players for AI War Classic — of which we need only about 3% to actually back the kickstarter — and as such, our kickstarter is stalling.

We have a variety of ways in which we’re working on pulling out of the stall, but by far the best option is getting the message out to people who would directly be interested.  Hopefully that includes you if you’re reading this, but please also spread the word to other players you know who might have missed this!


Chris Park

Founder and Lead Designer, Arcen Games

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2 Responses to “AI War Classic Official 8.024 Patch Released!”

  1. Mario says:

    Logo and commercial are too small, videos are not in the screen – you know, moving pictures work always when apes are involved, and number 2 on stilized commercial is almost invisible to untrained eye.

    At least make it big. Video of those dark AI and light human ships rotating around WITH CHEMTRAILS blazing would go a long way in drawing attention.
    Mario Malnar, the anoying guy who tortured you in the first place to make the update

    • Chris Park says:

      We can’t do video in the game at the moment; we’re not set up to do that. I know the II is almost invisible, hence me writing about a sequel on there.

      I also can’t make the thing giant without making it take up the whole screen for a 1024×720 screen, which is the smallest we support there. We don’t have adaptive GUI scaling, unlike we would in the new game, so that’s not something we can do.

      Given the positioning and the way that people are used to looking for things like updates on there, I think that it’s pretty noticeable. The actual notice from steam that “this update just got downloaded” is something that causes people to be able to see it without even launching the game.

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