Starward Rogue – First Video Preview (Alpha v0.201)

Starward Rogue is the name we finally settled on for our roguelike/PDL shmup-like… thing.  It’s really fun, but video is better at describing it than I am.

The game is currently in alpha version 0.2, but we’re looking for more volunteer testers all the time (email arcengames at gmail dot com).  It’s still in early form, but quite fun.



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4 Responses to “Starward Rogue – First Video Preview (Alpha v0.201)”

  1. Bormoth says:

    Please. Just not make items like +10% more damage, attack rates or range. It is not really as fun. I understand they sometimes necessary, but it is so boring. The only thing I find interesting are either large trade offs for signifficant upgrades or signifficant upgrades. Shmap/binding of Isaaq fusion seems have so much potential possible for different weapons, upgrades and powerups.

    Thereasoning players would spend with ship hours. And just plain same gun would get old quickly.

    If you need for sooter inspiration “tyrian2000” might be good game to check there was lots of secrets and weapons were just cool. If more into freeform shooting like binding of isaaq then “runers” is another good condidate. I disliked stats system and mingames there, but selection of spells really made this game. Most absurdly silly spells could have happen to have synergy with some other spells.

    In your defence after quite a few action games you seemed to strike proportions sizes to speed right. It was always what irked me in “valley without wind” series is zipping shots and enemies out of nowhere.

    • Chris Park says:

      For sure! There are dozens of guns already, but the balance on that was horrible at the time of this video. The +10% this or that is also something we’re shifting away from for the reasons you mention. Some of that still will be there, but as a minority function and not in quite so tiny a feeling way.

  2. Blackthorne says:

    This is something to really look forward to. I know you’ll do a great job. Just picked up all your games as of late and have been having a blast with The Last Federation, Ai war and Tidalis at the moment.

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