Our site’s aliiiiive! (Mostly)

Hey folks.

So, you may have noticed that our site has been down and had a lot of issues the last couple of days.  Whew, long story!  Well, lots of time spent on it, anyway — the story is rather short:

  1. A2 hosting, who we previously used, started having major performance issues over the last week-ish, getting worse and worse.
  2. I decided to switch us over to Hostwinds instead.
  3. Hostwinds is awesome, but we have a complicated and unusual setup, and tons of things got messed up in the transition.

This whole thing is… still in progress.  But man this new service is blazing fast.  Here’s a status report:


  • WordPress
  • The forums
  • cached version of the wiki.

Still Busted

  • Mantis Bugtracker
    • It can’t connect to the database for some reason, which we’re hunting down.
  • Emails
    • Forum notifications, mainly.  At least, I think they are still busted.  Waiting for confirmation on that.
    • Ditto with wordpress comments.
  • The Wiki
    • For some reason, the hostwinds folks missed that database when copying over our databases, so there’s the problem right there.
    • They’re working on getting that transferred over today, and then we should have a real-live-wiki again.
    • That said, the wiki was completely nonresponsive on A2 hosting for a couple of days prior to the switch, so this is still a step up in that it can be read at all right now. ;)
  • SSL
    • We’re still working on getting our keys transferred over.  That bit is a long story, but probably it will take another 3ish days before that’s set back up.  That’s not such a big deal as the others, though.


A big thanks to Quinn Beltramo for making this waaaay less painful than it otherwise would be.  And the Hostwinds folks have been pretty slick too.

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2 Responses to “Our site’s aliiiiive! (Mostly)”

  1. Chris Park says:

    Update: email is now working in wordpress and the forums.

    The problem with mantis turns out that the database was not properly migrated with that one, either. So that and the wiki are waiting on database transfers and then they are likely good to go.

  2. Tadrinth says:

    Awesome! Had noticed the wiki was a bit janky for a while there, glad to hear y’all are happy with the new hosting.

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