Meet Some Of The Monsters Of Valley 2 (Concept Art)

I thought that folks might enjoy seeing some more of the concept art sketches for various of the 120 new enemies that are coming for A Valley Without Wind 2.  These concept sketches are done at Heavy Cat for purposes of informing the final sprites that will be created of each monster; these aren’t the actual sprites themselves, in other words.

The Overlord And His Henchmen

 Demonaica — The Evil Overlord
A Few Monsters
 Swamp Thing
 Wall Crab
 Clockwork Blockade
Floating Bone Mass
 Hungry Ghost
 Insect Fiend
 Steam Cannon
 Steam Flyer
 Urban Tackle Droid
 Submersible Suppressor
 Slug Fiend
 Deepwoods Gargan
Ceiling Vampire
 Flying Eyeball
 Clockwork Avian
Auroch Warrior
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3 Responses to “Meet Some Of The Monsters Of Valley 2 (Concept Art)”

  1. Paul says:

    This looks very promising, and will address my biggest complaint about the original game — the monsters here have a strong thematic cohesion, unlike the rhinos and eagles in the original.

    Keep up the improvements, I’m looking forward to the sequel!

  2. twu says:

    Ceiling vampire and wall crab?

    What about floor cat? Actually, that owl looks like a cat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please, for the love of god, do not use “Slender” as a boss. All you will do is attract 12 year old PewDiePie fans to your game which will flood your forums with meaningless nonsense. You will also lose the respect of many more mature players for simply bandwagoning onto a popular trend. See this video for the third reason why adding a “meme” type character into a game is bad

    Seriously, I love you guys, I just do not want to see you make a huge mistake which may cost you a lot of fans.

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