AI War 2 v0.815 Released! “AI Multiplexion”

Release notes here.

Badger has really outdone himself with this one, I have to say.  This adds quasi-experimental support for multiple AI factions in the galaxy, along with a bunch of new tools for letting specific AI types spawn specific things at game start.

Then Puffin has been really on top of it with a bunch of new unit types and AI types, some of which are partially implemented for the time being.  And Badger added black hole machines.  And science hacking is no longer such a research goldmine for you, anymore — spend those hacking points on more varied goals, folks! ;)

There’s yet more fixes in here that were figured out by WeaponMaster, too.  Man you folks all rock!

I honestly spent most of the day asleep; I was that sick.  Antibiotics are helping.  But some of that is I think just a stress response to a larger existential crisis of sorts that I’ve been going through for the last few months and am feeling more acutely in the last week or two for a couple of reasons.  I’ll… have some thoughts up on that soon, as I try to figure out how to get myself properly functional again.

For now these other guys are killing it, which I’m eternally grateful for, and the game is evolving an amazing amount without me.  I feel really bad about that, but at the very least it is a relief to see how this is coming along despite my personal issues.  Silver linings!

Problem With The Latest Build?

If you right-click the game in Steam and choose properties, then go to the Betas tab of the window that pops up, you’ll see a variety of options.  You can always choose most_recent_stable from that build to get what is essentially one-build-back.  Or two builds back if the last build had a known problem, etc.  Essentially it’s a way to keep yourself off the very bleeding edge of updates, if you so desire.

The Usual Reminders

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