Day: August 30, 2018

AI War 2 v0.764 Released! “Mercenary Surge”

Release notes here.

Okay, tons of bugfixes in here.  Fixes, fixes, fixes, all the live long day.  I’m pleased with the result, though.

Mercenaries in particular have been made vastly more functional, and seem to work mostly correctly now.  They just hadn’t had a chance to be fully tested previously, and so they needed to go through the wringer of testing like any other new feature.  Thanks for being a part of the first wave of that and helping us save some time internally, for those who did — it really means a lot.

A cool side benefit of some of the changes to how things are seeded on the map is that now not only do things seed in a prettier fashion, and spread out better on planets than before, but it actually generates faster and thus cuts lag in the lobby way down when you’re generating a new seed, etc.

One of the really big things in this build, also mercenary-related, are the six new mercenary factions created by RocketAssistedPuffin.  Badger created the other five or so factions, so between them they’ve created quite a pretty few.  We need to get the costs on Badger’s to go up out of the token amount range, and I forgot to do that today, but it’s on my list now that I thought of it again.

More coming tomorrow (Friday), and then possibly a bit Sunday, before we start all over with more releases next week.  Friday is a half-day for me because I have some personal things to attend to in the morning, but then I’ll be back up and at it for the afternoon.  Thanks for your support!

The Usual Reminders

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