AI War 2 v0.763 Released! “Supersized Ship Caps”

Release notes here.

As the title suggests, this release increases your ship caps by a ton.  3x for all of the smaller fleetships, to be precise.  The AI and other factions are unaffected; you were simply being outgunned in an unfair way.  Your caps for other types of ships are unaffected.

In related news, the firepower of ALL the ships have been nerfed super heavily, generally speaking to 1/10th (!) their prior values.  In some cases where the values were already low, more like 1/3rd.  If this winds up feeling too harsh, please let us know, but ships were basically vaporizing instantly in battle.  I think that if anything needs to change, possibly the health on the larger ships now needs to come down, but we’ll see.  If fleet ships are dying at a good speed when in battle with each other, then we’re in pretty good shape and just need to figure out how to get the bigger ships to relate to them better.

There are some pretty major bugs that we’ve fixed in this one, which have been around for quite some time.  The screen flashing bug, which also had a performance hit, is fixed.  The ships shooting off into the ether at nothing is also fixed, and also was at least a mild performance hit.  If you see either of those again, please let us know so that we can go in and murder them all over again, but hopefully it won’t come to that; savegames are appreciated on mantis if you find something like that.

Speaking of savegames, we’re not going to be breaking those anymore for a while, after all.  Potentially not anymore, period (but no firm promises on that until we get into EA).  AI War Classic’s savegames are forward-compatible all the way back to the betas in May 2009, so we have a history of long savegame forward compatibility. :)  It has just been a matter of not wanting a lot of cruft in our data files and code right now with all the changes we’ve been making, hence all the recent breakages.

There are a lot of other good fixes in there, too, but it’s late and I’m super tired, so I’ll mostly let you read the release notes yourself. :)

Lots more to come this week.  Thanks for your support!

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