Thanksgiving Special! 25% Off Arcen Titles

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, we’re having
our first multi-product discount sale on our site!   Enter code BLLR0018P to get a 25% discount on all games
bought directly from Arcen through 11/30/2009.  This means that you can
pick up AI War: Fleet
for $14.99 USD, and/or preorder AI War: The
Zenith Remnant
for $7.49 USD!  If you live outside the US, never
fear, the discount is equivalent in every currency.  Note:  If you want
to buy both together, simply click the purchase
link on the first page
, then go to the second
page and click the purchase link
, and both will be in your shopping
cart together.

The Zenith
is the first expansion pack to Arcen’s hit space-based
“grand strategic 4X tower defense RTS” game, and is currently in beta.
 The full version of the expansion is expected to be released in the
second week of January, but players who who preorder and want early
access are free to download the beta from our forums at any time.
 Players who want to first try a demo of the expansion beta can also
download that from the forums.  The Zenith Remnant will include around
115 new ships, at least four new map styles, a new neutral AI faction
(the Zenith aliens), and lots and lots of gameplay-expanding new
mechanics and content.

You can also preorder the expansion at Stardock’s Impulse, although people who
preorder via Impulse will not have access to the beta until next week
— our fault on that, not Stardock’s.  Mea culpa!  Preorders are also
planned with many of our other distribution partners, but those will
mostly not kick off until closer to official release on those platforms
(so, early January, most likely).  We are aiming to have a simultaneous
official release of the expansion on all outlets that currently carry AI

In the coming month, also keep your eyes out for more information,
including screenshots and/or concept art, about Arcen’s next two titles.
 The first is an untitled casual puzzle game with a fresh and fun new
mechanic, and the second is a tower defense game called A Valley Without
Wind (yes, the tower defense genre is super crowded, but we have our
own take on the whole affair that we think you’ll find quite different
from the glut of others out there — more info on that within the next
month, but it’s very exciting!).  For those who have been eagerly
awaiting our puzzle/adventure/zombie survival game Alden Ridge, please
note that that title is now slated for 2011.  It’s still coming, and
we’re still excited about it, but that one needs more time in the cooker
to really do it justice.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!

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