AVWW Post-Release 1.049 “Yet More Polish” Released!

This one has a ton more polish, including addressing the anachronism missions bug as well as a variety of seeding bugs.  Not sure if we’ll go live with the official 1.1 tomorrow or not, because of the scope of these changes. 

If you see any issues with the new version, or play a bunch with it and see no issues, we’d love to hear of either case to help us decide what to do about 1.1.  As always, we appreciate the feedback!

More to come soon.  Enjoy!

This is a standard update that you can download through the
in-game updater itself, if you already have 0.500 or later. When you
launch the game, you’ll see the notice of the update having been found
if you’re connected to the Internet at the time. If you don’t have 0.500 or later, you can download that here.

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