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Valley 2 Beta .902 “Wait, Listen — I Hear Something!” Released!

This one is probably the last release before 1.0; we’ll see.  Tomorrow is the big day, and aside from last-minute nice-to-haves and the cutscene at the end of the game, everything is now done and in place! This version brings with it the completion of two lengthy sagas: On Josh’s end, he’s completed all of […]

Valley 2 Beta .901 “Now We Are Twelve” Released!

This one continues the final polish.  There’s a bunch of updated art, more updated writing, and a variety of mostly-minor balance improvements.  Also a handful of bugfixes. The biggest thing in this release is the three new playable characters: Hinge, Kyo, and Farel.  Farel is definitely one of my favorites now!  This brings us up […]

Valley 2 Beta .900 “Tell Me A Story” Released!

This one is the second release today.  As indicated by the increment in release number to 0.900, we’re now very near to final 1.0 on the game. This release has a lot of relatively minor fixes and changes, which is pretty much what to expect from here until 1.0.  That, plus the remaining sound effects, […]

Valley 2 Beta .809 “Concentrating On Calibers” Released!

This one is the first of what will be two releases for today.  It basically does a lot of tuning to the concentration and caliber systems that were revised in the prior release, and fixes a few other bugs (such as charge shots not charging at all in the prior version). There are some other […]

Valley 2 Beta .808 “The Sound Of Violence” Released!

This one has a bunch of stuff, like more monster graphics finalizations and a number of bugfixes.  It also has some pretty major balance change. Knockback Knockback was sort of an interesting mechanic the way we had it in the first game, but it’s really been overshadowed by other mechanics in the second game.  A […]

Valley 2 Beta .807 “Melee Deux” Released!

This one is another smorgasbord-type release, with tons of things in all sorts of varying areas.  There’s updated monster art, yet more nice-to-have style improvements to the strategic game interface, more sound effects work, more balance fine-tuning, and some new cheats.  Oh, also a new character and a new keybind for the world map movement […]

Valley 2 Beta .806 “Balancing Well With Others” Released!

This one has a lot of little stuff included in it, which add up to mainly polish and bugfixes. Chief among the bugfixes are a bunch of improvements and fixes to multiplayer, making MP a vastly cleaner experience than it was before.  At the moment I’m not personally aware of any outstanding issues in MP […]

Valley 2 Coverage Ahead Of Next Week’s Launch

While Valley 2 makes its final preparations to transition from beta to 1.0 (launching February 18th), a lot of great coverage has poured in from both game blogs and video channels alike. We’ve all been busy chatting it up with various publications about everything that’s kept us busy in the early part of the year, and some […]

Valley 2 Beta .805 “Warehouse District” Released!

This one has a number of small tweaks and fixes; most notably, warehouses are now more useful.  I wound up getting a bit of a second wind for the night. ;) More to come soon.  Enjoy! This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater itself, if you already have any […]

Valley 2 Beta .804 “The Angst Of A 360 In Search Of Its Control Node” Released!

This one has a title that’s a bit of an in-joke to some old AI War stuff.  At any rate, it’s primarily referencing that the gamepad defaults are now a lot better thanks to the tireless work of community contributor Pepisolo.  What a big relief! There are also a number of more cleanup/clarity type of […]

Valley 2 Beta .803 “Just Give It To Me Straight, Okay?” Released!

This one is the second release for the day.  I thought about calling it “HUD 2: The HUDDING,” but decided against it.  Suffice it to say, the thing I’m most excited about in this release are the massive improvements to the main GUI and various sub-menus in the interface.  Here’s a screenshot! Note that my […]

Valley 2 Beta .802 “It’s Dangerous To Go. Read This” Released!

This one is the first of what will be two releases today, because there was a critical bug in the prior version that was omitting region descriptions and thus making the game vastly harder. There are a variety of other bugfixes in this one, and then there’s also a couple of new characters and a […]

Valley 2 Beta .801 “Oh, Sorry About The Shrapnel In The Face, Jim” Released!

This one is filled with… well, all sorts of stuff.  We’re getting into the territory where the changelogs are hard to sum up.  It’s a huge collection of small things, rather than a midsize collection of big things. Oh, by the way — I don’t think we’ve announced this yet, so I will take this […]

Valley 2 Beta .800 “Soundscapes” Released!

This one finally starts work on the sound effects for the game, as well as having numerous refinements for the adventure and strategic portions of the game.  Lots of art updates in this one, too. The big thing on the strategic side this time is that there is now a better-defined early game period (as […]

Valley 2 Beta .728 “What A Horrible Night To Be In The Forest” Released!

This one finally brings us up to the complete monster set: in the end, it turned out to be 125 monsters.  A couple shy of the 127 I thought it might be yesterday, but considerably more than the 114 that we originally set out to create.  And somewhere in the realm of 3x as many […]

Valley 2 Beta .727 “Mercenary Food” Released!

This one is the second of what will actually be three releases today, turns out.  There were a couple of exceptions that could be thrown when you attacked two specific enemies in this versions, so hence the extra release. This version includes a lot of improvements to the strategic game’s handling of food, brings back […]

Valley 2 Beta .726 “Hold Still, You!” Released!

This one is the first of what will be two releases today.  The main reason it is coming out now is that it fixes a couple of key balance and bug issues present in the prior version.  But it also includes three new monsters, bringing the game’s total up to 116. More to come soon.  […]

Valley 2 Beta .725 “Seaside Fistfight” Released!

This one is a bunch of more polish and another fifteen monsters.  Monsters The total is up to a whopping 113 monsters in the game at this point, but I still have 14 more to go.  I had hoped to be done with all the monsters today, or at least down into the single digits, […]

Valley 2 Beta .724 “Keep Running When You See That Triceratops Mage” Released!

This one is all about both monsters and multiplayer.  And fixed slices.  And nobody expects the Spanish Inqui… nevermind.  Clearly I’ve been working on this too long.  Anyway… Monsters This is a really good batch of monsters, I have to say.  The feral chicken is just awesome, and the hopping locust is such a crazy […]

Valley 2 Beta .723 “Clinical Study Of Laser Spiders” Released!

This one can’t top the amazing prior release, but it’s also a good one with a lot of varied cool stuff in there.  What’s new: Spell Stuff There’s a whole bunch of improvements to the physics and reliability of a number of the spells.  Mostly the pattern sort of attacks, like crosses and crescents and […]

Valley 2 Beta .722 “Concentrated Reports ” Released!

This one is, without a doubt, the largest release of our beta period.  I’ve said that before, but this one tops the rest — and won’t be topped between now and 1.0, either, I’m quite confident.  There’s so much in this one it’s almost hard to know where to begin… Equipment Let’s start with equipment, […]

Valley 2 Beta .720-.721 “Treasure Swap” Released!

This one has a laundry list of smaller stuff, all of which is explained in the release notes.  Solid minor improvements on a number of fronts, but nothing earth-shattering for the game as a whole.  Although not having the confusion of the new boss rooms frequently being backwards will be really nice, I must say. […]

Valley 2 Beta .719 “To One Who’ll Stand And Fight” Released!

This one is another “after just one day” release, but it’s pretty epic nonetheless. Soundtrack Complete: New Vocal Title Track Check. This. Out.  This is one of Pablo’s best tracks ever, and I had no idea that his wife Hunter had such an amazing singing voice, either.  You can bet this will be the track […]

Valley 2 Beta .718 “Sightlines” Released!

This one comes just a day after a whopping large release, so it’s understandably smaller.  However, I think that this release might be cause for no small amount of joy. I decided to spend today just working on fixes and tweaks and polish, particularly in the area of general monster behavior (as opposed to any […]

Valley 2 Beta .717 “Strategory 64” Released!

This one comes almost a week after the most recent release, so you know it’s going to be packed to the gills with stuff!  As an aside, if you missed it I recently posted an update on our status and plans for Valley 2 and Shattered Haven. So, let’s see — this release has a […]

Valley 2 and Shattered Haven Plans and Status

I just wanted to clarify where we are with Valley 2, what our goals and priorities are at the moment, and what’s been happening lately.  We’re getting close to the end, and things are getting quite busy (as if they weren’t already), so clarifying these things might help our beta testers in particular know where […]

Valley 2 Beta .716 “Control Freak” Released!

This one is a very small one compared to the last couple of release, but it has some important fixes and tweaks that we wanted to get in your hands as soon as possible. Gamepads should control much better now, the issues with the tutorials being able to get you stuck in the first or […]

Valley 2 Beta .715 “Gimme Shelter… From Monsters” Released!

This one adds a massive twenty new monsters for your enjoyment.  I thought that last time having eleven monsters was a huge update, but this one certainly tops it.  Monsters! We’re now up to a total of 53 monsters in the game in general, and I’m pretty sure that makes it so that Valley 2 […]