TLF Version 1.606-1.608 Released (Credit Bombardment)


Version 1.606 is an enormous balance to the Credit economy, as well as giving you newfound power to really effectively bomb your enemies from orbit. There’s a bunch of other great stuff, too, in the bugfix and clarity categories.  Your options for dealing with rescued pilots are now a lot more obvious, for one.  When […]

AI War Official 8.017-8.019 “Boost THIS!” Released!


This one is another performance update, this time on the CPU and RAM sides.  The munitions boosters were the big culprit here, but there are other more minor effects beyond that. UPDATE: 8.018 turned out to be necessary, because the prior version was giving the “spinning beachball of death” on OSX.  Apologies for that — […]

TLF Version 1.605 Released (Disease And Order)


Version 1.605 is refinement. The most impactful bit is how diseases affect death rates — expect some much more substantial shakeups from diseases from now on. There are also changes here that help to balance out the late game in Invasion and Betrayal mode, specifically making sure that neither players nor other races can go […]

AI War Official 8.015-8.016 “Flicker Factor” Released!


This one is  relatively small update with a couple of bugfixes.  The main thing here is some fixes to flickering in the far zoom icon display that people were noticing in recent versions, as well as what is likely a performance improvement for most people on that front, too. Update: 8.017 is now out and […]

Podcast: Curating Games and Open Ended Development


This week I went on the excellent Perceptive Podcast once again, which is always a pleasure.  This time we discussed a variety of things: Open-ended development and how that differs from traditional linear game development. Why I think the new Curator system on Steam is the bee’s knees, and why I hope other stores do […]

TLF Version 1.604 Released (A Dangerous Surplus)


Version 1.604 is yet more refinement. The big thing here is how races handling mining of resources, and new racial actions that they can take when they build up an excess of resources.  The details of it are here, and it definitely adds a new element to the game. There are also a number of […]

TLF Version 1.603 Released (Life, Death, And Irreconcilable Hatred)


Version 1.603 is refinement on a major scale, once again.  First of all, there are a variety of miscellaneous bugfixes and balance tweaks. One cool new feature is to be able to make notes for yourself to come back to between sessions. Another big balance piece is that if races wind up hating each other […]

TLF Version 1.601-1.602 Released (Double-Wide)


Version 1.601 is refinement on a number of fronts.  Perhaps my favorite improvement is one that was suggested by jaxxa and which lets us see both the Basic and Detailed Info tabs at the same time on the solar map on screens that are 1440px or wider.  This cuts down on a lot of clicking […]

TLF Version 1.600 Released (Tsar Bomba)


Version 1.600 is gargantuan, and aptly named.  This addresses a lot of the longest-standing balance/clarity requests for the base game… all at one time!  This was kind of an all-or-nothing proposition, and it took a bit longer than I expected.  Still, it’s done now, and I’m super proud of how it turned out. Science Revisions […]

TLF Version 1.502 Released (Obscura Relicui)


Version 1.502 is out, and brings a ton of refinement to the new expansion based on player feedback. Actually, there are some very good things for the base game, too.  Chief among those is that now the trade routes are vastly clearer in terms of why they can’t happen at a given time, and the […]

Review games on Steam that you love — or hate. “Results are determined by those who show up.”


Well, the new steam storefront is very interesting, and I think it’s a breath of fresh air.  For a lot of reasons.  It gives a lot more power to recommendations and peers and even news outlets.  This new curators thing is going to be awesome, I’ve wanted them to add something like this for years. […]

The Last Federation: Betrayed Hope (Expansion 1) Beta Begins Now!


Betrayal Mode lets you completely reverse the usual game flow, working as a full planetary power trying to destroy your foes, not unite them. Invasion Mode sees you working with the other races to survive slaughter by a grave new threat. Plus new ships, abilities, music, and more! Beta Launching Today On Steam And Our […]

TLF Version 1.040-1.042 Released (The Need For Speed)


Version 1.042 is out, and it really does a lot of interesting things. The biggest thing you will notice is that the speed of all the shots you fire is now doubled, making them far faster than enemy shots are.  This makes it easier to hit enemy ships that are running away or doing fast […]

Free tool for game developers: Random Game Title Generator (with source code)


Bear with me, because this is going to sound strange.  First, let’s get the premise out of the way: naming games is hard, and it’s also incredibly important. Why is it so important?  Well, take the following screenshot of Steam: Unless you have banner rotation featuring, this is ALL people see of your game.  Even […]

Bionic Dues Official 1.101 “PerformanceBot” Released!


This one includes drastically increases the graphical performance for the game. It also has a few bugfixes, and two new conducts: Shorter Campaign and Random Exos. Enjoy! Click here for the official forum discussion about this release.

AI War Official 8.007-8.014 “Now With Moar” Released!


This one is the culmination of a couple of weeks of no-joke improvements to performance.  Not only is the underlying timing for frames completely rewritten and improved, but the all-new sprite batching for our engine’s render pipeline is now in place, too. Just what does this mean to you, as a player?  Well, even on […]

TLF Version 1.034-1.039 Released (Eat Hot Lead!)


Version 1.039 is out, and boy is the graphics performance just through the roof on this one.  This release really comprises a series of releases from the last week, a lot of which were minor internal things relating to the upcoming expansion for the game (which should hopefully launch into a public beta on Monday, […]

Technical Notes: (Finally) Sprite Batching in our Graphics Pipeline


The really big update in the current version of The Last Federation is anew sprite batching system — and this is something that is going to be making its way into our other games soon, too.  This is a performance improvement that I have been putting off since 2010, and arguably since 2002.  I first […]

Rock Paper Shotgun does a Humble Weekly Bundle and curates AI War — wow.


Well, holy #$#$%.  I am honestly humbled — pun not intended — by this one.  Check this out: This RPS bundle is a career milestone for me. Several, really. First of all, the recognition that Rock, Paper Shotgun has bestowed on AI War: Fleet Command not once but many times is something that still amazes […]

Bionic Dues Official 1.100 Released!


This one includes the real images for the new achievements (many thanks to community member nas1m for working on these!) and a single small bugfix for the shotgun. Steam integration for the new achievements will come soon, and won’t require a further client-side update. And that will mark the end of the 1.1 cycle. Hopefully […]

TLF Version 1.033 Released (Honor Thy Word, Puppets! )


Version 1.033 is out, despite some remaining slowdowns on my part from helping get the awesome new expansion for AI War out the door. This version fixes a couple of bugs of note, and improves the behavior for when you destroy planetary buildings so that they don’t just immediately rebuild.  The most significant set of […]

AI War Official 8.002-8.006 “Lock And Load ” Released!


This one is our second post-8.0 update. It’s another intentionally small one, as we’re trying to wait and see if there are any serious things that crop up before going through other kinds of bugfixing or balancing. In this particular case, some people experience slow loading times per image on their specific machine setup.  This […]

Bionic Dues Official 1.017 “Conduct Yourself!” Released!


1.017 marks the official release of the improvements from 8 separate beta releases, including: * New optional “Conducts” such as the much-requested “Dead Is Dead” (losing an exo is permanent) to the relentless “On Your Toes” (you only get 5 seconds to pick your next action in missions). * Massive rebalancing of the bot population […]

The Dirty Dozen Sale on


Bionic Dues and 11 other indie titles are on discount this week direct from the developers, thanks to the inaugural Dirty Dozen sale collaboration with Show Me The Games. Speaking on Bionic Dues, Keith and forum user nas1m (among others) have really helped breathe new life into the game over the past couple months. New options, new […]

AI War Official 8.001 “Oiling The Engine” Released!


This one is our first post-8.0 update.  It’s an intentionally small one, as we’re trying to wait and see if there are any serious things that crop up before going through other kinds of bugfixing or balancing. In this particular case, some of the Unity 3D engine upgrades that we did between versions 7.0 and […]

TLF Version 1.031-1.032 Released (Tonight We Dine On Turret Soup)


Version 1.031 is out, despite some slowdowns on my part from helping get the awesome new expansion for AI War out the door. This new version improves the art in particular for the turrets, as well as the other stationary centerpieces, to match the newer style of ships that was introduced back in July.  There […]

Spectral Empire Teaser Video


Spectral Empire is our upcoming 4X title, which is slated for release in April 2015.  This is something that we’ve been working on in tandem with the current expansions for AI War and The Last Federation, as well as the general ongoing work on those two games, and the linux ports of all our other […]

Bionic Dues Beta 1.016 “Next Official’s Release Candidate 2″ Released!


This one is a bit more tidying up in preparation for the next official release. I’m hoping that will be later this week; we’ll see. If any of you have been getting sniped by BlasterBots in range of your spawn point, you’ll be pleased by the change that makes BlasterBots not be able to fire […]