Server interruptions over the next day or two.

Hey guys, we are still hard at work on Stars Beyond Reach, and as the forumites know there have been a number of update posts there.  I’ll be sure to do a bigger blog post sometime soon. That said, this particular post is about some server stuff that we’re working on.  The awesome Quinn is […]

Re: Incident on the previous Thursday


Memorandum ————————————————- From: Skylaxian Diplomatic Corps HQ, Betamax To: Skylaxian Embassy, Burlustia Subject: Re: Incident on the previous Thursday ————————————————- Under no circumstances whatsoever should any of our personnel ever walk in to a Burlustian bar again. . P.S. surveillance indicates that all of their buildings are actually bars. . .

Stars Beyond Reach: What we’re working on, plus spotlight on the Zenith aliens.


Apologies again for my slowness regarding Stars Beyond Reach updates at the moment.  I’ve been active in the forums since this project answering questions here and there if you haven’t been there.  But carving out the time for organized posts sometimes is a bit tricky. The last week or so has seen Keith working like crazy on implementing […]

No Multiplayer For Stars Beyond Reach.


Some things that I’ve been thinking about regarding Stars Beyond Reach, adapted from an email I originally sent to Keith. In my testing at the moment, despite all the early-alpha things that either Keith or I need to fix up before we bring in more players (ETA still hopefully the start of March), I’m finding […]

Hey, the Arcen wiki is now open for all to edit!


 Well hello!  I’ll have more information on Stars Beyond Reach later in the week.  But for the moment, I wanted to give a quick important announcement about our wiki.  Previously it was invite-only, and mainly edited by staff.  Consequently it was often out of date. Now it’s open to anyone to edit, although you do […]

For shame! No cookie for Chris, lots of Stars Beyond Reach screenshots for you.


Are you kidding me, self?  It’s really been since December 4th that you last posted an update? Sorry about that, me.  I, uh, have been really busy.  First of all, we’ve been working like crazy on the game itself.  Plus some other fun stuff related to the game.  And, you know, Christmas and New Years. […]

Who says dead bodies and smog can’t be fun? (Stars Beyond Reach Teaser)


Keith and I were emailing back and forth about some of the design specs for the internal Stars Beyond Reach prototype that we’re working toward having done in the next week-ish. Cemeteries and crematoriums have been a part of the roster of buildings since way back, and I had the design for them in my […]

TLF Version 2.008 (Cumulative Hotfixes)


Version 2.008 is the latest in a series of post-expansion-release hotfixes.  We’ve been posting about these on our forums, but individually these releases weren’t really worth doing a full blog/announcement post about.  So let’s talk about these cumulatively! First of all, for those who have been following along already, here’s what is new in the very latest […]

A note about “no units” in Stars Beyond Reach.


A bit ago, I announced Stars Beyond Reach, which you can read a lot more about at that link. The very-short explanation is that this is Arcen’s first true 4X title: think Civilization meets SimCity meets AI War meets New Stuff.  More recently, I posted some updated screenshots and some portraits of some of the […]

The Last Federation 2.0 and Betrayed Hope Expansion Arrive Today


We’re happy to announce The Last Federation’s first expansion Betrayed Hope has officially released on Steam, and other digital storefronts. To celebrate, the new content will extend its beta discount of 10% through launch week, and the base game is on sale for 55% off as well. The expansion includes 17 new ships, 2 new solar system backgrounds, […]

Let’s Play The Last Federation: Delivering Spacefaring Tech 2.0


Delivering spacefaring tech has recently seen a large update, and this video is a brief LP for The Last Federation that shows off missions and how to go about navigating them.  It also shows off a number of mistakes and how to avoid making those mistakes hurt more than they have to. Enjoy!

Launch Trailer for The Last Federation: Betrayed Hope (Plus info on the free 2.0 upgrade).


The first expansion to The Last Federation, titled Betrayed Hope, arrives this Friday along with the free version 2.0 upgrade for the base game. TLF has been a huge hit for us this year, with its unique blend of 4x strategy, simulation, and turn-based tactics. Betrayed Hope is perhaps the most massive expansion we have […]

TLF Version 1.900 (Tutorial And Story Touches)


Version 1.900 is final touches in preparation for the launch of version 2.0 and the full release of the expansion this Friday the 14th (just a couple of days from now!). The big things in this new version are that the tutorials have all been extensively updated for the new modes, and the story segments […]

Sneak Peek At 5 Leaders In Stars Beyond Reach (Plus A Couple Of Screenshots)


New details for you, and some new art! A bit more than a week ago, I announced Stars Beyond Reach, which you can read a lot more about at that link.  The very-short explanation is that this is Arcen’s first true 4X title: think Civilization meets SimCity meets AI War meets New Stuff. A much […]

TLF Version 1.702 Released (Obscura Rising)


Version 1.702 is all about polish and balance for the Obscura.  This includes some of the Obscura ships at the individual-battle level, and then a bunch of balance changes to the way the Obscura grow and expand during Invasion mode. Invasion mode started out as this kind of impossible thing, then the Obscura became a […]

TLF Version 1.701 Released (Itinerant Obscura and Probe Density)


Version 1.701 has polish for the base game and the expansion. The Obscura ships now behave a bit better with their AI — previously, in some cases they could act kind of funky in groups, but that should no longer be the case. Spy probes in the deliver spacefaring tech missions have been tuned some […]

TLF Version 1.700 Released (Spied, Probed, And Proven)


Version 1.700 is all goodies for the base game, not the expansion. The spy probes have been completely re-imagined, and I’m super happy with how those are turning out.   To some extent these missions can be very easy to “win” now, but I say win in quotes because that can be with the collateral damage […]

TLF Version 1.611 Released (Smuggling Out The Moody Queens)


Version 1.611 is a collection of refinements, both for the base game and the expansion. The neatest thing for the base game is that now there is a way to restore order to a race that has devolved into a smuggler empire.  Previously all you could do was kill that race if you wanted to […]

Announcing “Stars Beyond Reach,” a new 4x coming in April/May 2015.


It is with great pleasure that I formally announce this next game.  Finally, Arcen is doing a true 4x!  People have been suggesting that we do this for years, and I’ve wanted to, but I wasn’t really ready yet.  Even so, bits and pieces of 4x infuse a lot of our games, particularly AI War […]

TLF Version 1.610 Released (Burlust Resurgence)


Version 1.610 has some substantial refinements to the Armada Management screen for Betrayal Mode, and it also includes a completely-revamped style of battle with the Burlust warlords. Balance-wise, this also really tunes things up for Betrayal Mode in general.  Your armadas now take time to upgrade themselves, which prevents you from doing “just in time” […]

Arcen Titles Hit IndieGameStand, Up To 85% Off This Week


Wanted to drop a quick note that all of our releases are now available on the IndieGameStand storefront. To celebrate, we’re running a week-long promotion with the site carrying the following discounts: AI War Collection (2014) — 75% off Tidalis — 80% off A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 Dual Pack — 80% off Shattered Haven […]

TLF Version 1.609 Released (Orbital Hunters)


Version 1.609 is a collection of refinements to the recent changes to the game. Orbital Bombardment by your flagship is something that is rebalanced the most.  The stronger the defensive fleet forces are at a planet you are bombing, the more expensive your bombing is, and the less effective it is.  This doesn’t stop you […]

TLF Version 1.606-1.608 Released (Credit Bombardment)


Version 1.606 is an enormous balance to the Credit economy, as well as giving you newfound power to really effectively bomb your enemies from orbit. There’s a bunch of other great stuff, too, in the bugfix and clarity categories.  Your options for dealing with rescued pilots are now a lot more obvious, for one.  When […]

AI War Official 8.017-8.019 “Boost THIS!” Released!


This one is another performance update, this time on the CPU and RAM sides.  The munitions boosters were the big culprit here, but there are other more minor effects beyond that. UPDATE: 8.018 turned out to be necessary, because the prior version was giving the “spinning beachball of death” on OSX.  Apologies for that — […]

TLF Version 1.605 Released (Disease And Order)


Version 1.605 is refinement. The most impactful bit is how diseases affect death rates — expect some much more substantial shakeups from diseases from now on. There are also changes here that help to balance out the late game in Invasion and Betrayal mode, specifically making sure that neither players nor other races can go […]

AI War Official 8.015-8.016 “Flicker Factor” Released!


This one is  relatively small update with a couple of bugfixes.  The main thing here is some fixes to flickering in the far zoom icon display that people were noticing in recent versions, as well as what is likely a performance improvement for most people on that front, too. Update: 8.017 is now out and […]

Podcast: Curating Games and Open Ended Development


This week I went on the excellent Perceptive Podcast once again, which is always a pleasure.  This time we discussed a variety of things: Open-ended development and how that differs from traditional linear game development. Why I think the new Curator system on Steam is the bee’s knees, and why I hope other stores do […]

TLF Version 1.604 Released (A Dangerous Surplus)


Version 1.604 is yet more refinement. The big thing here is how races handling mining of resources, and new racial actions that they can take when they build up an excess of resources.  The details of it are here, and it definitely adds a new element to the game. There are also a number of […]