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This was something formed in 2009, and that a number of players used for a long time.  I haven't been there since 2010 or so, and this Java applet may have some serious problems for all I know.  At any rate, when redesigning our site, I didn't feel like this deserved such a place of prominence (in one sense) being on the main community section.  And on the other hand, I didn't just want to ditch it AND I felt like this forum was actually a better place for it to get more visibility anyhow.  So here you go!

AI War Applied IRC Channel

A Real IRC Client Is Better

You can easily connect with any real IRC client, such as   HydraIRC.   Getting started is easy -- simply click the following   link once you have an IRC client installed:   irc://

If you have not   yet set up an Identity in HydroIRC, you'll want to enter a nickname and such for yourself, and then it will connect you right through to the AI War IRC Channel.  That's it!

IRC address:

RTS Universe

Be sure to visit our IRC hosts, Applied IRC (formerly RTSNet)!
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