BackerKit for AI War 2 — missed the kickstarter? Look here.

TLDR: Here’s our BackerKit store page!

Chris here!  If you missed the kickstarter campaign for AI War 2, you’re not alone.  Sometimes news just takes a while to percolate around, and that’s no reason for you to be unable to get into the alpha or whatever tier if you want to kick in for the project.  Not only that, if you want to help us hit some more stretch goals post-campaign.  We’ve hit four with the main campaign plus paypal backers, but with BackerKit I’ll bet we can hit some more.

At any rate, if you’d like to participate, BackerKit made the unfortunate decision to call these “preorders,” which is quite a slur in my opinion. ;)  Never preorder games that are going to be made the same way whether or not you preorder them!  Listen to TotalBiscuit and Jim Sterling and many others as to why.

Nomenclature aside, we see these “preorders” as being a continuation of the campaign for people who missed it.  You can get in early, yes, but you can also help to fund extra features that otherwise would not happen.  If you prefer to wait until launch, of course we’ll be right here at that time, too.

The greatest chances to help shape the game are during alpha and early access, but we have a long history of evolving our games (AI War Classic is a prime example of that) well after their 1.0 launch.  Whether that’s through DLC or further crowdfunding or free updates or what, we don’t yet know.  Partly we need to talk to our backers and forumites and figure out what makes the most sense for everyone.

Thanks for all your support!


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8 Responses to “BackerKit for AI War 2 — missed the kickstarter? Look here.”

  1. Kazuar says:

    I hate to be *that* guy, but BackerKit seems to not do a great job at telling me my payment options before asking for personal information.

    As someone from a place where the credit cards, that seem to be the only payment option ever, are practically unheard of in income brackets below 120k/year: Is BackerKit accepting PayPal/Bank Transfer, and if not, is the PayPal thing from the other post still available, now that the Kickstarter campaign is seemingly over?

    I’d like to back AI War 2, but every time it comes to my attention, I am met by a selection of payment options that would make a tin-foil hat character think my area’s being blocked off deliberatly.

    Take my money, please?

    • Chris Park says:

      Sorry about the slow response — it hasn’t been sending emails! Yikes.

      Paypal unfortunately isn’t available through backerkit directly, but I’m going to set up a paypal option for that on our site.

      BackerKit charges extra for us to be able to include Paypal, which was frustrating to learn. And Kickstarter doesn’t support Paypal at all, which was a known frustrating thing. So we’ve had to handle the paypal stuff directly on our own.

  2. jab ann says:

    I am so bummed I didn’t know about this. I LOVE my arcen games. I own them all but mostly play skyward collapse and the last federation.

    I tell everyone to buy your games. Gotta support AWESOME idie outfits.

  3. Endurium says:

    Thanks for providing a second chance to back this, I never saw anything on the first one!

  4. Tchey says:

    Hi, how long is it to get a key after backing from BackerKit ?

    I didn’t get an email, and the page is “pending”, no not sure if i should close it or what (it was about 15 minutes ago)

    • Chris Park says:

      It makes me manually approve them, for reasons unknown to me. It sends me a daily message about it, and I approve them each morning. Unless someone pings me about it directly, and then I just do it when they ping me. I just went in and pushed yours through, so you’re all set and should have your email and your keys!

      Thanks for your support! :)

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