Day: November 4, 2021

Beta 3.745 Deadlock Removal

New beta build!

This one has a lot more going on under the hood than might be apparent on the surface. It’s more efficient in how it allocates RAM (which you can see in certain logs mainly), and it is also safer in how it allocates that RAM (thus avoiding some deadlock situations that I had introduced in the last few weeks). So that’s very pleasing, but not exactly a marquee feature for people playing. Deadlocks are a special sort of bug that I particularly hate, though, so I’m glad to have it gone.

While I was doing that, Tom has added a new cheat (grantalltechs), and a number of ui improvements and bugfixes.

For DLC3, Zeus has been adding yet more orbital stuff, and the DLC3 testers can now properly test that, too. These orbital bits are suuuuper cool. There’s also a new general rare “nasty pick” that is an orbital inertial battery. Playing with DLC3 simply enabled is one of those things that won’t make the game harder (that’s always important), but just like DLC1 makes it so that there are so many more turret types all over the place (thanks to Democracy and Puffin), DLC3 makes things come alive more with various orbitals here and there even amongst non-orbital AIs.

The galaxy-wide caps are now properly shown thanks to Tom, and Zeus made the super fortress a lot more super.

More to come soon.