Day: October 31, 2021

Beta 3.742 “Classic Map” For DLC1

New build, and there’s some surprises in here!

1. First off, there’s a new map type for DLC1 (hey, wasn’t that complete in early 2020?) based loosely on some of the favorite maps from AI War Classic. In general, we’re going to be beefing up DLC1 and adding more to it over the next few months, then renaming it and slightly raising the price. Folks just don’t seem sold on this DLC to the same degree that DLC2 is exciting them, and so we’d like to fix that so that it’s truly a must-have. If you already have the DLC (or buy it now while it’s still slightly cheaper), you’re just getting this bonus stuff for free.

2. Lots of bugfixes, including many for the Fallen Spire. Huge thanks to Tom for most of these. The Fallen Spire is apparently pretty much fully playable again on the beta branch, although there’s still some bits I need to finish to fully bring it home.

3. Badger’s done a lot with the Necromancer faction for those folks testing DLC3, and feedback would be awesome. Not only that, but there’s a new Elderlings faction that is related to Necromancers, or that you can use independently of them, and which are kind of roaming monsters in the galaxy. I’m really excited about this addition. DLC3 is really just getting kind of mind-blowingly large, and I’m really excited about it. That’s one of several reasons we really needed to up the game on DLC1 so that it feels comparable to these other two giants.

4. Consulting with Tom, there’s a new strategy for how I’m quarantining ships that have recently died, so that there’s a lot less chance of random errors in the codebase related to UI elements or otherwise still referencing something that is in the process of being disassembled. The changes here solve a whole host of known bugs as well as a bunch of likely unknown ones. Tom did further refinement to fix more of them, with a lot of debug assisting from Daniexpert.

5. Speaking of Daniexpert, they’ve been invaluable for helping me find and fix more memory leaks and odd-allocations of RAM over the last few days. There are several notable fixes that really eliminate the most notable memory leaks that we’ve been able to find so far, and the game also runs more smoothly than ever. Whether there are any more memory leaks remaining is not yet clear, so please do let us know what you find!

There are a number of known exceptions that I haven’t had a chance to look at yet, both reported on Steam and on mantis, but I’ll be getting to those mainly on Tuesday. I’ve got some other things going on on Sunday and Monday that will cut into my work time a lot, but I’ll be back at things on Tuesday.

More to come soon.