Day: December 6, 2019

AI War 2 v1.013 Released! “Menacing Messages From The Machine”

Release notes here.

Lots more stuff, and there was an intermediate hotfix build as well in here.  Main new things:

  • The AI now writes you a chat message as well as giving you the voice taunt.  So if you have sound off, or voice off, or just have trouble understanding it in the din of battle… now you can see what the AI is saying.
  • There was previously a big mix of funny and serious things that the AI would say, all in one big soup.  The first game was always deadly serious when it came to the AI’s messages, so that was a bit of a shock to some folks; and humor is subjective, so some of the jokes fall quite flat for some people.  The humorous AI messages are still there, now, but have to be turned on via a specific option in the audio settings.  The AI is dryly sarcastic at times now, but nothing over the top.
  • If you’ve set priorities for an intel item (higher or lower than usual), you can now see that on the galaxy map!
  • There are now multiple naming schemes for fleets, just as there are multiple naming schemes for planets.  There’s the original list (now called “random,” and there are others based on US States, Ancient Gods, Mathematicians, Cowardly Words, and so on.  Thanks, donblas!
  • The start of having an in-game journal of important (and recent less-important) chat messages is now in place.  This will be important for the Fallen Spire campaign in the first expansion, and it’s useful in general.  Also nice for multiplayer.
  • There’s a whole heck of a lot of bugfixes, including most of the ones that Badger had noted as what he felt like were the most critical things affecting the most people.
  • The Bomber Fleet that you could start with is now gone, as it was really overpowered.
  • Major Data Centers are now balanced a bit differently, too.

Please Do Report Any Issues!

If you run into any bugs, we’d definitely like to hear about those.

We’re also really keen on your feedback in general, as the last couple of releases hopefully demonstrate.  Achievements are creeping up my shortlist on things to do, thankfully, now that a lot of the rest of my shortlist is cleared out.  I then need to really get a move-on with the first alphas of the multiplayer for people to playtest.  One thing at a time!

The release of this game has been going well so far, and I think that the reviews that folks have been leaving for the game have been a big help for anyone passing by who’s on the fence.  At the moment we’re sitting at Overwhelmingly Positive on the Recent Reviews breakdown, and have been for the last three days, which feels really good.  If you’ve been playing the game and enjoying  it, we’d greatly appreciate it if you’d drop by and leave your own thoughts, too.

More to come soon.  Enjoy!

Problem With The Latest Build?

If you right-click the game in Steam and choose properties, then go to the Betas tab of the window that pops up, you’ll see a variety of options.  You can always choose most_recent_stable from that build to get what is essentially one-build-back.  Or two builds back if the last build had a known problem, etc.  Essentially it’s a way to keep yourself off the very bleeding edge of updates, if you so desire.

The Usual Reminders

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Also: Would you mind leaving a Steam review for some/any of our games?  It doesn’t have to super detailed, but if you like a game we made and want more people to find it, that’s how you make it happen.  Reviews make a material difference, and like most indies, we could really use the support.