Day: July 19, 2018

AI War 2 v0.752 Released! “Mathematics Milestone”

Release notes here.

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Okay!  Now about this release of AI War 2. :)

  • FINALLY, oh goodness finally, I’ve got ships translated over to using DrawMeshInstanced and thus running way more efficiently.  This has been on my todo list for TWO YEARS at this point.  Last week I got the shots, this week the ships.  I’m super stoked!
  • There are some other performance improvements here, and some various visual improvements related to these, too.
  • Badger made it so that you can tune the allegiances of the Devourer, Macrophage, and Nanocaust from the lobby.  So many possibilities with this one!  On the extreme silly end, you can basically have a game where the Borg and Unicron go do all the fighting for you while you hang back, if you just want to watch a simulation you barely take part in.
  • AI Progress is now tracked for factions other than players, and there’s a lot of nuance that will be coming in how the AI deals with these other threats if they are neutral to you or hostile to you and the AI.  Badger has cool plans there.
  • Dealing with remains rebuilders and engineers is now a lot better when in the midst of battle, since they no longer die to remains.
  • Seventeen metric tons of bugfixes.  More to come.

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