Month: June 2016

E3 Trailer: In Case Of Emergency, Release Raptor

Woohoo!  Finally some real footage of the game with actual robots in place.  Things are proceeding really well, although slightly slower than I’d like.  That said, it’s really polishing up very well.  We’re currently aiming for an early access launch near the start of July.

Here’s some random information you might like:

  • This trailer only shows two different types of robots, with three variants between them.  There will be maaaany more, though, and the little mobile guys won’t always be so hard to catch.
  • If you look closely in a few shots, you may notice that you can tail-whip enemy shots back at them. :)
  • This is still using the two test levels, because we needed to polish up a press demo and that was the easiest way.
  • Actual procedural levels are still in progress, because we need a better map editor to really get that working the way I want.  That’s my focus for the rest of this week, and then Misery and I can get to designing spaces.
  • Overall the minimum system specs are coming out a bit heavier than I expected, but it makes a certain amount of sense given what all this is.  We’re certainly not wasting any processing.
  • Generally speaking if you’re running a graphics card that is midlevel from about 3 years ago you can expect to get a solid 30-60fps depending on what effects you have enabled and what screen resolution you have.
  • If you have a lower-level card from about 5 years ago, you may or may not be able to run this at 30fps with every effect off and a very small resolution.
  • We do have it tested and running on windows, osx, and linux at this point. :)
  • This will be launching on the Humble Store at the same time this goes live on the Steam Store.
  • The starting price is going to be $5, but then that will rise over the course of development as more features are added.  The ending price is expected to be $15, unless there just isn’t enough support from players to warrant building it out to that level.
  • Either way, I very much intend to make sure that you get a good value for your money at whatever price point it’s sold to you at — not theoretical value, but actual value-at-the-moment.  That way we can let this evolve as a partnership between the players and Arcen, and we’ll build it out as much as you’ll let us. ;)
  • I’m suuuuper jazzed about this, if you can’t tell.  This is such a fun game.  Not that I’m biased.


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