Day: January 27, 2016

XBox One Controllers, Other Fixes And Tweaks

Two more updates for you today — thanks for everyone who was giving us feedback with these! 1.006 and 1.007 are, in a lot of respects, not the most exciting releases. However, they do completely rework the underlying input system to have greater compatibility with more gamepads, and in particular the XBox One.

There are also a couple of new enemies from community member zharmad! If you’re interested in doing modding and additions and submitting them, a reminder is that we vet all those and potentially make tweaks before we include them in the official game. It’s a very curated process, so you don’t have to worry about quality drops or anything like that.

THAT said, the modding capabilities are completely open and you are free to do a total conversion or whatever else you want that doesn’t get integrated into our main branch. By all means please do! But a lot of folks are creating a piece of content or two that they then feel like would fit in the main game proper, and that’s the bit that we curate with a keen eye.

More to come tomorrow, both in terms of polish and in terms of some other new features and content from our own staff. :)

Oh, and thanks again for your support! Your positive steam reviews are helping to get the game noticed a lot more, which really means a lot to our ability to continue this sort of thing long-term with the game. We still have a major visibility problem with the game (our own fault for coming out of nowhere), but it seems to be improving.

Official forum thread on this post.