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Two Shattered Haven Videos (Oh And Beta Started Today)

If you missed the announcement on our main news blog, Shattered Haven has now entered beta!  I didn’t quite have any video footage ready for the launch, but now I’ve got two for you. The voiceovers are done by Prince Taylor, who is the voice of Darrell in the 11 voiced scenes in the game […]

Shattered Haven Beta Begins Now!

Arcen Games is proud to announce that the Shattered Haven beta is starting today!  The beta will last from today through March 18th, when the 1.0 version will be launching. During the beta period, you can buy the game and get full access to the latest and greatest beta version for 25% off the usual […]

Twelve Shattered Haven Screenshots

I can’t quite say that these are the “first” screenshots of Shattered Haven, because there were some really ancient ones posted of the game way back in 2009, and more recently I posted about the evolution of the graphics of one particular level.  So there have been little peeks here and there, but by and […]

AI War Beta 6.011 “Nemesis of the Dubious Honor” Released!

This one starts addressing some longstanding requests related to champion balance and answers the most recent “worst unit” poll where the game’s least impactful units get shamed into some kind of improvement. #1 in the poll were the AI’s normal guard posts. The core ones that protect the AI homeworlds (and particularly the “brutal-pick” posts) […]