Day: July 11, 2012

AI War Betas 5.036-5.041 Released!

Catching up on some recent updates to AI War.  Sorry about not mentioning them on the blog before, I (Keith) am new to actually pushing these updates out myself :)

In chronological order:

5.036 had several important enhancements to AI viciousness to retaliate for celebrate a recent 10/10 victory, and also added a bunch of brand-new “drone” ships that are exclusive to the neinzul enclave starship but require turret research to unlock.  There were also some important changes to scaling in multi-HW games, and some general bugfixes and balances

5.037 was basically bugfixes and balance.  Some for stuff added in the previous version, some more longstanding.

5.038 answered some very longstanding player-convenience requests.  Namely, it made human fortresses, forcefields, and command stations all drop remains and thus be automatically rebuildable if you had Remains Rebuilders on duty (with a new rule to prevent exploitation of the command station rebuilding, but removing some older less-intuitive rules).  More bugfixes, too.

5.039 was just bugfixes and a quick change to make Remains Rebuilders work outside supply so the 5.038 changes would work as intended, since no major exploits seemed obvious.

5.040 followed up on a lot of feedback we’ve received on the energy model over the past couple years.  The new model isn’t perfect, but it does involve a lot less micro and feedback is very positive thus far.  More balance and a bugfix, too.

5.041 is just one feature I was in the middle of and wanted to get out there before shifting into higher gear on the ongoing expansion work, but if you’ve ever used (or wanted to use) mines in a serious capacity you’ll be happy about it: the ability to place a straight line of many units of the same type (optionally packing them as tightly as the game would allow, particularly nice for mines).


These are standard updates that you can download through the
in-game updater itself, if you already have 4.000 or later. When you
launch the game, you’ll see the notice of the update having been found
if you’re connected to the Internet at the time. If you don’t have 4.000 or later, you can download that here.

AI War: Ancient Shadows Teaser / Q&A

To stave off the inevitable questions, and because we’re not that cruel:
Is This The Fourth Expansion Pack For AI War: Fleet Command?
When Will The Expansion Be Coming Out?
In all likelihood, October.

When Will The Beta/Preorder Process Start?
“Soon.”  In the past with our AI War expansions, we set the game up for pre-order as soon as we were adding the first ships into the game.  This time we’ve taken a different approach, and there will be substantially more content available from day 1 of the beta (which all preorder customers get access to).

What Will The Full Price Be?
$4.99 USD, the same as our other full expansions are currently priced.

But The Other Expansions Started Out At A Higher Price
Yes, originally The Zenith Remnant and Light of the Spire were $9.99.  Ancient Shadows will have a bit less content than those two expansions due to starting at the lower price point.  However, we feel that the content represented here is exciting enough to make this expansion more than hold its own if you’re trying to choose between this expansion and one of the others.

What Is The Focus Of The Expansion?
Every expansion up until now was focused on a single alien race (zenith, neinzul, and then spire).  When we released the “Alien Bundle” last year, we also mentioned that that marked the end of the alien-themed expansions.  Thematically, this expansion returns to all three alien races plus the humans themselves.

Will There Also Be Updates For The Base Game?
A few.  It’s more along the lines of what changed between AI War 2.0 and The Zenith Remnant (3.0), but still good stuff.  The game has been slowly refined since Light of the Spire came out in early 2011, and our opinion is that it’s not in need of another major overhaul like we saw with 2.0 or 4.0.

Will This Impact Development Of A Valley Without Wind?
It hasn’t so far. ;)  We’re going to be exerting a more concerted effort to go ahead and get this thing finished once we open it up for preorders, so that will in fact pull Keith away from AVWW for about half his working hours for the next month or two of development.  Chris’s focus will remain almost solely on AVWW during this time period, although he’ll be supporting Keith with art and some other related things for AI War 6.0 and Ancient Shadows.

What’s The Feature List?
We’ll have more information on this sort of thing for you later!  Right now we’re playing this a bit close to the vest (uncharacteristically for us, I know).

Anything Else You Can Share?
Well, here’s a graphical preview of some of the ships!