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AI War Beta 5.032, “Then The Pendulum Swung Back,” Released!

This one has more balance and bugfix changes, and more responses to the “worst unit” polls.  This time, the Mobile Repair Station gets some overdue love.  Most substantially with this release, however, are some bug/balance fixes relating to the AI and how it gets reinforcements.  Those were being held artificially low on certain difficulties, in […]

AVWW Beta 0.922 “Come Out, Shy Little Monsters…” Released!

This one is a hotfix for some issues in the prior version.  Sigh. More to come soon.  Enjoy! This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater itself, if you already have 0.500 or later. When you launch the game, you’ll see the notice of the update having been found if […]

AVWW Beta 0.921 “World Of Darkness” Released!

This one is a lot cheerier than our last release, in that it’s not fixing critical bugs.  Minor ones, sure, but that’s a much better way to end the day as far as I’m concerned.  It also changes around the balance on the supply depot meteor defense missions, and makes the world map way more […]

AVWW Beta 0.920 “Thog No Like Jurassic Bugs” Released!

This one has got to be about the least fun sort of release to be working on, for everyone involved (players and developers).  There was still a memory leak in the prior version, and it was harming performance as well because of all the garbage collections it was causing. So all day today for Keith, […]

AVWW Beta 0.919 “But I LIKE Referencing Nulls” Released!

This one is our third release of the day, which is never a good sign.  Two releases can be good or bad: yay we had a batch of content and stuff leftover from prior days that we released mid-day, and then yay we did even more and released that at the end of the day; […]

AVWW Beta 0.918 “The Music Of The Leaky Draconite” Released!

This one is the second release of today.  There was a memory leak in chunk-gen in the prior version, and we wanted to get a fix out for that as soon as we could.  Apologies that it took us a couple of hours to do so, actually — we had the fix done about an […]

AVWW Beta 0.917 “Toss Some Ice At That CPU” Released!

This one took us substantially longer than we thought it would, but that’s mainly because I wound up going down a rabbit hole of performance improvements.    Which is great news!  There’s a whole host of mainly-CPU-related performance improvements all through here, with everything from chunk-gen (particularly key in multiplayer) to actually when you’re running […]

AVWW Beta 0.916 “The Black Wind Shows” Released!

This one is the first of what we expect to be two releases for today.  The main reason we’re pushing this one early is that it has such major CPU usage enhancements in it that we really wanted to get that into the hands of folks as soon as possible. But it also has a […]

AVWW Beta 0.915 “Dire Servant… From The Meadow?” Released!

This one has yet another batch of bugfixes, but also four new/revised features: 1. Actual glass in windows, with periodic cracks and everything. 2. Healing Touch now not only works in multiplayer, it’s a lot more useful in how it works in multiplayer and solo. 3. Skelebot Guards are now Skelebot Grunts, and way less […]

Steam Deal: Tidalis $2.50 Today Only

Steam has our ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ puzzler Tidalis at 50% off today only as part of their Daily Deal promotion. With the game’s recent price drop that brings the PC/Mac title down to just $2.50. If you know much about our games, you know that’s quite a bit of content for around the […]

AVWW Interview On First Drop Show

Chris and I had a solid chat last week with Eddie Milanes on the First Drop Show podcast. We cover a variety of topics regarding the design, development, and upcoming official release of A Valley Without Wind, including scrapped concepts, future possibilities for the game, why we try to only develop features in that we’d want to play, etc. If you’re looking […]

AVWW Beta 0.914 “Insecticide” Released!

This one is our second release of the day, and it’s just a bugfix release that is focused on fixing mainly things that we broke in the prior version.  With that many changes to get multiplayer working better (which we’re told that it is, happily), there were bound to be some other things broken.  The […]

AVWW Beta 0.913 “Unraveling Mysteries” Released!

This one has been a few days in the works, but has two major components to it.  Mysteries! First of all, there are finally mysteries in the game, as well as puzzle rooms to solve to unlock clues from each mystery.  Right now there are two mysteries with a combined 28 clues between them, but […]

AVWW 1.0 On April 16th, Confirmed On Steam — Also Price Drop For Final Game

It was just two days ago that we gave you some general updates about A Valley Without Wind‘s launch coming the “week of April 16th,” but there were a lot of specifics we couldn’t give you at the time.  Welp… now have the rest of the details for you! Release Date — And Steam! The […]

AI War Beta 5.031, “Harvest Of The Unloved,” Released!

This one is just rebalancing, but some of it’s pretty significant.  The main thrust is to bring some of the consistently-least-loved units back into the “interesting choice” range.  It also has a few bugfixes and some changes to both harvesters and harvester exo-shields, hence the macabre-sounding nickname for the release. Enjoy! This is a standard […]

AVWW Beta 0.912 “Denizens Of The Tide Pool ” Released!

This one has the usual bug and balance fixes, as well as three new monster types: two regular monsters, and one miniboss.  All three of these new monsters are primarily for the ocean shallows, replacing the underwater-only types of monsters that were previously used there (and which are now deeper-ocean-only).  Although the oceans are also […]

A Valley Without Wind 1.0 Version To Launch The Week Of April 16th

I know, I know, we’ve been saying it was going to be next week.  And we could hit that target, if we wanted to launch just on our own site and not give reviewers any advance time with the very-near-final game before it releases. But the game is now definitely coming to a large digital […]

AVWW Beta 0.911 “Fifty Craters ” Released!

This one is our second release of the day, and its main feature is a new “Defend Supply Depot From Meteor Storm” mission type, which is a pretty cool new mission vaguely reminiscent of missile command (but with tons of twists making this a lot more interesting). This also fixes a few bugs, one of […]

AVWW Beta 0.910 “Grains Of Sand” Released!

This one is just a small bugfix version, although it also does improve the look of desert sand edges so that deserts feel more desert-y.  We’re in progress on a number of things internally that weren’t quite ready for this one, but which will be released later today, though. More to come soon — 1.0 […]

GDC 2012 Wrap-Up

Earlier this month I attended GDC in San Francisco, it was my first time doing so and it ended up being quite an experience. I was pulling double duty, covering the event itself and its happenings as a journalist for DIYGamer and MCV during the day, and talking Arcen and indie game development in general […]

AVWW Beta 0.909 “A Perfectly Anachronistic Escape” Released!

This one is another biggie.  This time literally in terms of filesize, as well as in terms of what it changes.  Visuals Visually this is a giant release because it really improves the character art (making it look painterly) and does the same for the monsters that aren’t particle-effect-based.  There are also a few minor […]

AVWW Beta 0.907/0.908 “Defeating The Regressive Guard” Released!

This one is mostly just a bugfix patch, fixing a number of issues from the prior version as well as longstanding issues that the prior version made apparent.  It also adds a couple of little tweaks and features, and makes Skelebot Guards less of a pain to deal with inside. EDIT: Then there was one […]

AVWW Beta 0.906 “Of Terrain Upheavals And Server Browsers” Released!

This one took us a lot longer than we expected, but when you see what’s in it, you’ll see why.  First of all, there’s a bunch of fixes in there, as per usual.  Secondly, there’s a big efficiency gain with the size of the save files, which has a number of benefits (faster saves, faster […]

AI War Beta 5.030, “Refined Hacking,” Released!

This one is basically “just” a laundry list of fixes, tweaks, and balance adjustments that you folks asked for.  Not really any new features, and no single item jumps out above all the rest, but there’s a lot of solid refinement here that I know people have been waiting for.  Sorry for the delay on […]

Gratuitous Tank Battles Pre-Order And Beta

Wanted to drop a quick note that our good friend and excellent indie game designer/developer Cliff Harris has announced the beta launch for his new game Gratuitous Tank Battles. As RPS notes, the game is a mix of RTS, simulation, and tower defense. It’s set as if World War I never came to an end — with trench warfare evolving through […]

A Crash Course On A Valley Without Wind

So… today for me has been pretty much all about the documentation.  I wanted to go ahead and get this done so that Erik could start using it in his emails to press. I had something similar for AI War that was hugely useful for explaining to new players (and to press) just what it […]

AVWW Beta 0.905 “Refined Gargantua” Released!

This one has been almost a week in the making, so it stands to reason that it’s massive.  And as releases go, even for us this one is particularly massive.  It wasn’t until today that I realized it had almost been a week since our last release… or that it has literally been a month […]

AVWW Beta 0.904 “Umbra Vortex Missions” Released!

This one is another big one.  For one, there’s a bunch of new art: lots of new furniture and other small objects, lots of new cavern backgrounds that look really cool, and so on.  These sorts of things really help to breathe some extra life into the exploration itself, so I’m always happy to have […]