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AVWW Beta 0.512, “Watertight Settlements,” Released!

This one is a relatively small release, but it contains a number of important fixes and tweaks.  Several of them are aimed at making the settlement management interface clearer, and one of them prevents the farming of trash mobs that fall into water and die. We’re back to our regularly scheduled weekday programming tomorrow.  In […]

More Early A Valley Without Wind Coverage

Nearly a week into beta and A Valley Without Wind has cropped up more solid press previews and coverage, including some new videos as well. Thanks goes to these folks for talking time to play the game, have a look at what they’re saying! Games Blog Coverage DIYGamer: An Isolating Yet Unique Platformer… A Valley […]

AVWW Betas 0.510-0.511, “I Seem To Have Dropped My Loot,” Released!

These two releases are absolutely massive, so make sure and check out the release notes for all the details.  There’s a lot of little features and tweaks in here.  But here’s the big cool stuff: Monster loot drops!  Monsters of all sorts are now dropping consciousness shards, which have been split into six colors instead […]