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More Musings On Iterative Game Design

I’ve written before, in depth, on my process for iterative game design and why I use it.  That blog post was a year and a half ago, however, when it was just Pablo, Phil, and myself and we hadn’t even started working on the first expansion to AI War yet.  I was the only game […]

AI War Beta 5.011, “Nuclear Science,” Released!

This one has kind of a hodgepodge of fixes and tweaks that players have requested.  Several of them deal with warheads, and there’s also an added interface for finding science labs in the galaxy map, so hence the nametag of the release.  This also fixes a scoreboard issue with defender mode games always showing up […]

A Valley Without Wind Hits Alpha: Side View, Underground, And Increased Variation

Arcen Games is pleased to share the latest update for our procedurally-generated action-adventure game A Valley Without Wind. After a month of silence and head down work we’ve reached Alpha, which introduces a major shift to a side view perspective, adds underground caverns, and significantly increases general variation — among many other items. The change […]

A Valley Without Wind Alpha #12 — Side View, Undergrounds, and Other New Mechanics

This is the detailed diary that was promised in our big side view reveal post.  It’s assumed that you’ve already read the post on the other end of that link; if not, a lot of this post isn’t going to make much sense, so make sure you do! Obviously the biggest news this week is […]

A Valley Without Wind’s Switch To Side View — The Big Picture

There comes a point in every good game’s life where it stops feeling like a prototype, and starts feeling downright fun.  For AVWW, that time is now, and it came about because of a fundamental shift we made to the game: rather than being a top-down 2D game in a faux perspective that is common […]

AVWW #12 Will Drop The Pre-Alpha Moniker, And Has Big Surprises — Hitting in 1-2 Weeks

Please understand that my intent is not to tease, here — a lot of game companies give the barest hints of information, and try to drive you nuts with speculation and extrapolation.  Folks familiar with Arcen know that’s not our style. That said, what I do want to tell you is that there are several […]