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About that first A Valley Without Wind screenshot…

So I promised a first screenshot on Friday, didn’t I?  How foolish of me.  Not only did the release of AI War 5.0 / Light of the Spire take longer than expected, but also we ran into some issues with the art that have set us back some. It turns out that a purely tile-based […]

AI War: The Light of the Spire Expansion Now Available as Game Hits Version 5.0

The Light of the Spire Arcen Games is proud to announce the release of AI War: The Light of the Spire, the game’s biggest expansion ever. Available now for $10 through and coming soon to digital distributors. The expansion is packed full of new additions.  The “Fallen Spire” campaign brings in-game linear story elements […]

Check Out Our New Look!

Notice anything different?  The site has gone through a major overhaul.  It’s a platform shift to Joomla from just raw PHP, it includes a ton of visual upgrades, and it’s organized way better.  In general, it’s just more functional, easier to get around, and more attractive.  Not to mention long overdue! My personal blog has […]

AI War Beta 4.073 Released — Release Candidate 4!

This one has another handful of maintenance fixes.   We’re mostly laying low on AI War while we wait for players to be able to test for really serious issues (so that we don’t introduce more in the meantime!).  So far, no reports of any desyncs since a few versions back, which is seeming very promising.  […]

AI War Beta 4.072 Released — Release Candidate 3!

This one is small, but exciting.  We may have finally found that phantom desync!  For anyone who has been having any multiplayer desyncs in the last week, we’d love to hear from you if your issues seem to be gone, or especially if you get a new desync with this version.  Fingers crossed! A short […]

Tidalis Official 1.016 Released, Along With Official Release Of Tidalis Lite!

Tidalis Official 1.016 This release doesn’t include any new content, but it really improves the game in general. The biggest change here is an upgrade of the Unity 3D engine (which powers Tidalis) from version 2.6 to version 3.1. The number of improvements in the Unity engine between those two versions is nothing short of […]

AI War Beta 4.071 Released — Release Candidate 2!

This one is just a small maintenance patch to fix some crash issues in RC1.

AI War Beta 4.070 Released — Release Candidate 1!

This one brings us very close to the next official release, which will be 5.0.  The last major issue is one multiplayer desync that we’re chasing down.  As soon as that is resolved, we’re pretty much ready to go.  There are a few last things we intend to tweak and fix, but it’s expected that […]

AI War Beta 4.069 Released!

This one has yet more polish, mostly fixes and balance updates.  Once again, the list is fairly lengthy and is quite all over the place, so it’s difficult to summarize without just restating the entire thing.  Here are a few particularly notable items, though: Desync handling is now way better.  It logs some important data […]

AI War Beta 4.068 Released!

This one has a long list of small tweaks and fixes, some more notable than others.  It’s all over the place, so it’s quite hard to summarize — it’s also really late at night.  Between those two factors, I’ll mostly leave you to read them on your own.  A few things to bring to your […]

AI War Beta 4.067 Released!

Well, nuts — we’d hoped to have code/art files for the 5.0 version of AI War, plus the first official version of Light of the Spire, ready either today or Monday.  But, as of today we discovered a couple of major bugs in the current betas, and so we need to take a little more […]

AI War Beta 4.066 Released!

Polish incoming. As promised, this one is mostly about bugfixes and balance tweaks.  The biggest group of rebalancements is in the Fallen Spire campaign, which now has to cope with largely-immobile forcefields (even moreso in this release).  Fortunately, with some shifts to the Shards themselves, that problem should be handled — but let us know […]

Tidalis Lite — First Beta WebPlayer!

Big news!  We’ve been talking about doing a web-player version of Tidalis for a long time, but it’s always been “sometime in the future.”  Well… the future is now! Tidalis Lite is an interesting experiment for us.  It’s completely free, and basically a scaled-down version of the full game.  It’s not a demo — we […]

AI War Beta 4.065, “Defender Chronicles,” Released!

This one is jam-packed with some pretty significant gameplay changes.  First up is defender mode, from which this patch takes it’s name.  I actually forgot to mention it in the release notes summary last week, but one of those patches actually improved some of the stuff about defender mode, in terms of the timing of […]

AI War Beta 4.064 Released!

This one simply has a laundry list of bugfixes and balance tweaks, as we push onwards toward having the new version release-ready.  It also has a very cool new forcefield hit effect animation by longtime community member Hans-Martin Portmann, which adds to his long list of graphics submissions (he was responsible for our original explosion […]

AI War Beta 4.063, “The Praying Mantis,” Released!

Massive is the word for this release.  We’re trying to get both AI War 4.4 and Light of the Spire in a release-ready state by sometime next week, so it’s pretty much bugfixes and polish all the way down on this one.  The list of stuff in even just this release alone is pretty crazy […]

AI War Beta 4.062 Released!

This one is a maintenance release with some fixes relating to ship speed.  No crashes or anything, but it was annoying enough we wanted to go ahead and have this out for players. This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater itself, if you already have 4.000 or later. When […]

AI War Beta 4.061 Released!

This one is chock full of changes, once again — mostly of the internal RAM/CPU efficiency-improving kind.  This is both good and bad: good because the memory and processor use is better than ever, and bad because with this many changes throughout the codebase, there are bound to be some bugs that get found related […]

AI War Beta 4.060 Released!

Happy New Year!  The first release of the new year is a good one, but it really revamps the savegame format, so make sure and don’t save over your existing savegames for a little while if you want to be sure not to lose them.  Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to actually test […]