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Choosing A Network Library in C#

I am a bad, bad man for not having blogged about this sooner. Last year I blogged about How I Chose SlimDX as my graphics/sound/etc library of choice. And I’ve been meaning to blog about how I chose my network library, and what I think of it, yet have failed to do so. This was […]

Fanboyism And The Cycle Of Perceived Inferiority

I’m not known for being brief, but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible for this post. Fact is, I have a ton of work I should be doing on Tidalis, but I was struck by inspiration today after watching the various shows of the Penny Arcade TV Show, which I hadn’t managed […]

Arcen’s Upcoming Puzzle Game Gets Official Name, New Alpha-Version Screenshots

Arcen’s currently-inwork puzzle game now has an official name: Tidalis.  The teaser preview for the game has been updated to show the game’s new logo, as well as a lot of the game’s current art.  Please bear in mind that most of the middle-ground sprites are currently missing from the shown backgrounds, and that the […]

HellBored: Chris Park Interviewed About AI War and The Zenith Remnant

HellBored recently conducted an interview with Chris Park about AI War, the reception of The Zenith Remnant, developing games as an individual versus as part of a team, and why developing capable RTS AI is such a challenge for the industry. Read The Interview

Metacritic: AI War 40th Best PC Game of 2009

All the way back in December, Metacritic released their annual list of the year’s best-reviewed games on each platform. Things have been so busy here at Arcen that somehow we missed posting a news item about this, but we thought it was pretty cool to say the least. For a game that started out as […]