Whatever happened to that Chris Park guy?

Right – so I took a 90ish day sabbatical from work. What the heck was that all about? I said I’d update you guys on that (and be coming back to work properly) in January, so here we are. This was a really tough video to make, but overall I’m doing well these days.

There is a new release that also just came out today, so things are getting back into gear production-wise, which is good.  That release is the cumulative work of the volunteers over the last month, they’ve been amazing.  Coming up this next week I will be able to actually get cracking on some creative work of my own, for the first time in basically a quarter.

Thanks again for your patience with me during this, everybody.  It really has meant a lot.

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3 Responses to “Whatever happened to that Chris Park guy?”

  1. Alastair Campbell says:

    What a very moving video. This is obviously a very traumatic thing to go through, and as the father of a little boy I can only empathize with the difficulty of having to become a 50% Dad. Anyone complaining about your request for support is just being an a$$hole. Thanks for sharing so transparently. You have my best wishes going forward.

  2. Arcenfanboy says:

    Oh buy Chris, Sorry to hear this and as a divorcee myself I will say it stays a bit weird for multiple years afterwards. I threw myself into my work and my kids (for the time I have them)
    When you said you were going on a hiatus this was my first thought “Oh no he’s getting a divorce” One thing that I can say is that we have seen Arcen go through so much and Im very sure that has a lot to do with the matter. You have always bounced back!

    You will bounce back from this as well.

    We all love you very much Sir! Keep being the great dev and dad that you are!

  3. Sjors says:

    Just take care of yourself, nothing is more important than your own wellbeing. A stable and good private life is the most important thing to have :)

    Regarding trust in the company: I actually purchase any Arcen games product blindly, which is rare in the game industry these day. Simply because you are as a person extremely trustable and also care for us (The costumers ;) ).

    Just make sure to get a stable base, and bounce back from that :)

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