Not Even The Machine Sees All...

Introducing Champions: These modular behemoths can be upgraded, gain EXP, and lend powerful aid to your main forces.  But champions possess a unique power that sets them even further apart from other units: they can explore entirely new parts of the galaxy where the AI cannot reach.  Splinter factions of humans, zenith, neinzul, and spire all dwell in those backwater nebulae.  Some are hiding.  Some are plotting.  Some have gone totally insane.  It is there, in the shadows, that your champion can find relics from the ancient race which constructed it.  What power awaits?  At what cost?

For the exhaustive list of features, please see this page on the wiki.

Key Features

* A whole new kind of human player.  It's possible to control champions alongside your main fleet, or to have a friend or family member control just one single massive ship.
* Several new sub-races dwelling in the backwater parts of the galaxy for your champions to interact with.
* Modular fortresses.
* 9 new bonus ship classes.
* 3 core AI guard posts and one new minor faction.
* 2 new AI types.
* 2 new map types.
* 98 minutes of awesome new music by Pablo Vega.

This Is An Expansion To AI War: Fleet Command

"You are outgunned. You are massively outnumbered. You must win." These are your orders. Humanity has already fought its war against the machines -- and lost. Your job is to lead the last stragglers of humankind in this unique "grand strategic 4X tower defense RTS" (as one reviewer called it). AI War is a strategy game where trying to conquer everything will bring the full might of the AI overlords crashing down, while smart tactics and guerrilla raids will carry the day. But the AI is just as smart as you... Read More

Download Expansion Files

To install the expansion, all you have to do is download and run the Ancient Shadows Setup File from below, and install it into your existing AI War folder. Please note that you must also update to the latest beta version of the base game, either before or after you install the expansion.

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