TLF Version 1.610 Released (Burlust Resurgence)

Version 1.610 has some substantial refinements to the Armada Management screen for Betrayal Mode, and it also includes a completely-revamped style of battle with the Burlust warlords.

Balance-wise, this also really tunes things up for Betrayal Mode in general.  Your armadas now take time to upgrade themselves, which prevents you from doing “just in time” armada repairs or beefing.  Additionally, you no longer get the full set of resources from each planet you capture, instead only gaining 10% of what it used to be — so that prevents you from getting such a snowball effect going there.  This also applies to AIs, of course.

Also on the balance front, a lot of the expansion-related ships have had their values tuned.


Let us know how things are looking, if you have suggestions or bug reports, etc!

More to come soon. Enjoy!

This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater, or if you have Steam it will automatically update it for you. To force Steam to download it faster, just restart Steam and it will do so.

Click here for the official forum discussion about this release.

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