Starward Rogue Update 1.010: New Enemy, Faster Unlocks

Another update!  This one has bugfixes, a new community-made enemy, a variety of balance tweaks, and more.  This also reduces the number of runs you must win before you get the full 7-floor runs instead of the shorter 5-floor runs.

More to come soon!

Official forum thread on this post.



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One Response to “Starward Rogue Update 1.010: New Enemy, Faster Unlocks”

  1. Bormoth says:

    I have seen your last changes. The effects are really good. And I quite liked demo DaDsGaming addiction. The item selection is a lot more interesting now, and even that small extra shot modifier for utility items look pretty new and fun. Pasives are more interesting. Leveling is a bit too random so small chances don’t work too well compared to other things. Also maybe some major perks every several levels(every 5-8). And ultimate perk(Limited depending on class, or maybe depending on items player has?) at some high level. Could be pretty interesting.
    The enemies and room designs are really interesting, some too large. I like challange rooms, and some mini bosses are quite interesting(oh that invaders boss is pretty new and gives reason for aoe.(for bosses ofc)

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