Regional Pricing Adjusted For AI War

Our goal is always to charge a fair and equivalent price to customers
in all countries, but apparently at GamersGate
and our
own website’s ecommerce partner
, prices for Euros and GBP were set
higher than the USD prices.  Thanks to a regular in our forums for
alerting us to this.  The price for AI War has now been adjusted to be
€13.99, £11.79, and $19.99 USD.

We may need to shift this over time as exchange rates fluctuate,
since these prices are now manually set rather than calculated through
our partners’ sites (except at Impulse,
which already handles this), but our goal is to basically have a price
point equivalency of  $19.99 USD regardless of what country you are
purchasing the game from.  If the pricing seems off from that in your
country, please let us know and we’ll do our best to adjust it!

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