Recent Arcen Games Team Additions

This is a bit belated in several cases, but we’d like to officially
announce the latest team
to Arcen Games.  Our team has definitely been growing!

Lars Bull, or Fiskbit as he is known on the forums, has been
helping out with design advice and QA testing for Arcen titles long
before Arcen actually existed.  Now he’s officially joined the team to
collaborate on developing his concept for “Feedback,” a puzzle game that
we aim to release later this year.

Philippe Chabot is the artist responsible for many of the
graphical upgrades you have seen in recent weeks.  There’s tons more
planned, so you can be sure that Phil is going to help us transform AI
War into an ever-more-polished-looking affair.

Calvin Southwood, or Revenantus as he is known on the forums, has
been helping out for some time now with player questions, the printable
hotkey reference, the wiki-based unit strength guides, and more.  All
of this was on a volunteer basis, which we very much appreciated, but
now he’s joined the team to become a full moderator for the forums as
well as authoring a printable manual for the game.

Welcome to the team, guys!

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