AI War 2 v0.525 Released! “Targeting Priorities: So Many Things To Shoot, So Little Time”

Release notes here! Lots of quality-of-fun improvements here, including much-improved support for having selections of stuff from multiple planets, helpful new info on the AI Defenses galaxy display mode, descriptions of many common units, and another round of basic balance changes. But the main thing is definitely the addition of targeting modes for control groups. […]

AI War 2 v0.524 Released! “Improvement Variety Pack #1”

Release notes here! No one theme here, other than “make the game more fun to play” :) Opening with some UI improvements from community member BadgerBadger, and moving on to some behavior changes from me to make waves behave in a more familiar fashion and to make your ships not fan out in a counter-productive […]

AI War 2 v0.523 Released! “Indefensible Interface”

Release notes here! This one started with more work on differentiating the planets. In the last release we made it so the AI’s controller on each planet can be in different places. Now we’ve gone the rest of the way with all of the code for determining the position and type of the AI’s defensive […]

Plans and Status Updates for AI War 2

(Crossposted from kickstarter.) Chris and Keith here! Apologies for not having made any kickstarter updates since June, good grief. We’ve had daily or weekly interactions and updates on our forums, blog, youtube dev diary, and release notes pages for anyone who wanted the full firehose info dump, but that’s no excuse. Schedule Slippage – Overview Let’s get to the toughest topic […]

AI War 2 v0.522 Released! “Variations On A Theme”

Release notes here! Lots of crazy going on lately, hence it being two weeks since the last release (sorry!) This time I focused on articulating some key “joints” in the skeleton of how the game comes together: – Wormhole placement now has much more variety, while maintaining the rule that you can tell which direction […]

AI War 2 v0.521 Released! “Fuel/Power Rebalance and Custom XML Data”

Release notes here! The main player-facing changes here are the rebalancing of fuel and power. Fuel costs have been halved so that your fleet size is not almost always capped by Fuel, but sometimes by Science. Power costs themselves are unchanged, but spending science on power-consuming units now gives you a galaxy-wide +% boost to […]

AI War 2 v0.520 Released! “Formations”

Release notes here! This one’s all about adding support for Formations. AIW Classic had limited support for this idea: you could set up your group of ships and use J+right-click to have them move to the target point while maintaining their position relative to one another. There was also a sticky-formation setting so that you […]

AI War 2 v0.518 Released! “Active Selections and Capturing the Uncapturable”

Release notes here! The main new feature here is that selecting a control group is now “sticky” or “active”: if more units of that control group are produced, or arrive from a different planet, they’re automatically added to your selection. This allows you to continue to give a fleet movement orders without having to periodically […]

AI War 2 v0.517 Released! “External Data and Group Control”

Release notes here! This one is mostly about the new architecture to support “External Data” that modders can store with various parts of the gamestate. This is obviously useful for data you want to persist across saving and loading the game, but even during normal operation it’s nice to be able to store data directly […]

AI War 2 v0.516 Released! “UI Scaling and Rally Commands”

Release notes here! This one contains a few quality-of-life improvements from prolific community-member BadgerBadger, and two features that range from the minor to the major depending on how you play: 1) UI Scaling New slider on the settings menu, defaults to 1 and you can bring it down from there if you’ve got a very […]

AI War 2 v0.515 Released! “The Settings Menu Of Doom”

Release notes here! I never expected something like “A Settings Menu” to take a whole week, but here we are. And in retrospect it makes a degree of sense: this is just a huge chunk of engine that we hadn’t written yet. The settings themselves were all there and working, but we had to: 1) […]

AI War 2 v0.505 Released! “Tooltips And Build Menu”

Release notes here! This is basically completely about the build menu being more usable, and tooltips being more useful and legible.  They still need a background to really be fully legible, but we got a lot of the other things with them.  The unity ui is still… a learning process, sometimes. This time around, I […]

AI War 2 v0.504 Released! “Big Ship Graphics Batch + Test And Revise Pass #3”

Release notes here! I’m now back from traveling, and so is Keith, so that’s nice to be back to normal on that front.  This new build includes a ton of backlog work that Blue and Cinth have done over the last couple of months that I’m only now getting integrated into the game proper — […]

AI War 2 v0.503 Released! “Nanocaust + Test And Revise Pass #2”

Release notes here! Although, frankly for the details on “The Nanocaust,” you need to click through to the forum link where community member BadgerBadger explains his work.  This is the first player-created special faction, and it’s something we’re building into the game as an option for anyone to use without having to do a special separate […]

AI War 2 v0.502 Released! “Mostly-Invisible UI Work”

Release notes here!  They are short and overall not that exciting, unfortunately.  That said, if you’re modding the GUI, it’s a pretty titanic shift in terms of what you’ll find in there now. So what’s up? Basically over the last months we’ve learned a lot about what functions we do and do not need in […]

AI War 2 v0.501 Released! “Test And Revise Pass #1”

Finally past getting all the non-stretch-goal content in (the units are defined and in the game and basically behave as they should, anyway), so now onto actually making things fun The release notes are here. The key quality-of-life improvements, in no particular order, are: – You can now choose to start with the first planet […]

AI War 2 v0.500 Released: Major Milestone! Ship batch 7 of 7.

Still not time for “beta” status, or Early Access, just yet.  If you’re waiting for the smooth gameplay experience, there’s still a bit to go — but that’s now squarely the next thing on Keith’s plate (and the GUI is a big part of that, yes). The release notes are here. New Ships! There are […]

AI War 2 v0.450 Released: Sound effects at last! Plus video of it all.

New version!  Release notes here.  They are long, and in parts technical if you’re interested in the innards of our new sound mixing system. If you’d like a quicker look at the results of the sound mixing system, as well as a brief video-based overview of it, then here you go: I had, naturally, hoped to […]

AI War 2 v0.401 Released: “Ship Batch 6 of 7, And Gimbal Perfoooormance!”

New version!  Release notes are… here on the forums?  More on that a bit later. First up, there’s a new video where I do a bit of show and tell relating mostly to performance and some of the visual things: Regarding the sprite compound-batching thing, I wrote about that in the last release post, and […]

AI War 2 v0.400 Released: “Usability and the GUI Pipeline”

New version!  Release notes are here. There are also two new videos, one of which was for Keith, and the other of which is for Blue.  You might also find them interesting if you like the dev diary videos that we’ve been doing. 7 Days Between Releases Again? Yeah, that bit isn’t my favorite.  But […]

AI War 2 “Early Access” Backers now have Steam Keys!

As of two days ago, actually.  Please see our latest kickstarter update for all the news on what’s going on at the moment.  There’s also a ton of info on our recent release notes, which has just had a page split from the first release notes wiki page. Cheers!

AI War 2 Early Access: Good News and Bad News

Please see our latest update on Kickstarter for all the details. What’s The TLDR? 1. We’re going to delay the actual Early Access launch on Steam until something like late June or early July. Previously it was intended to be May 29th. 2. BUT, for all the “Early Access” level backers from Kickstarter and BackerKit, […]

AI War 2 Alpha v0.200 “Decisive Battle” released!

This release has… just absolute tons of stuff in it.  First of all, it has the 5th batch (out of 7) of pre-Early-Access ships.  Lots of goodies in there. Secondly, it has an enormous overhaul of the visuals, which you can see in video format in this post from last week.  This does indeed affect the […]

Taking a look at some AI War 2 ships during late alpha.

Chris here! This is just a video looking at a variety of the ships in AI War 2, or at least the graphics for them. These are in the version 0.124, which will come out early next week. It’s presently late alpha for the game (in the pre-Early-Access sense), and so these are coming up […]

AI War 2 Alpha v0.123 “Ship Batch 4 of 7, And A Metric Ton of Improvements” released!

The release notes are here, and huge. I’ve been neglecting to update the blogs, instead just posting to the forums and the kickstarter comments section when the last few releases went up.  Honestly?  Finding a picture for each release was taking too much time, so I’m skipping that here. Anyway, Keith has been in process […]

AI War 2 Alpha v0.119 “Ship Batch 1 of 7: 24 Ships!” released!

We’ve had several releases since I last did a blog post announcing one, and that was mostly due to me simply not having time at the end of a long day each time. What We’ve Been Up To That said, the prior versions were not really fully reflective of how much work is going on […]

AI War 2 Alpha v0.116 “Sprite Text / Forklift Full Of Design Work” released!

Oy, I’m tired.  So I’ll mostly let the release notes speak for themselves.  ;)  Also, here’s a screenshot: Enjoy! Cheers, Chris  

AI War 2 Alpha v0.115 “Icon Refinement, And Shapes” released!

The release notes are fairly lengthy, but mainly because they go into a lot of detail.  There’s a lot of cool stuff in here, but nothing like the last release in terms of scale. Keith added a couple of buttosn and menu commands to make things easier on players, and extended part of the modding interface […]