AI War 2 v1.006 Released! “Freedom Of Fleet Line Combination”

Release notes here. Duplicate Ship Lines In One Fleet The marquee feature in this build is that you have full freedom with your fleets now to combine the same ship type into multiple slots of a single fleet if you want.  Aka, if you have three lines of snipers or bombers, you can just slap those […]

AI War 2 v1.005 Released! “Answering Your Top Requests”

Release notes here. There are actually several releases in one here, since we had a few small ones we just posted about on the forums rather than making a full announcement.  But we’re back to where we’ll be doing an announcement for each release again. This particular build… does a whole heck of a lot, good […]

AI War 2 v1.002 Released! “ARSes, Instigators, and Tech Vaults, Oh My”

Release notes here. This has been a very busy week!  Personally I was doing semi-successful broadcasts of myself playing the game on Steam, and then the world’s longest AMA on reddit, and originally before that just looking into a ton of correspondence with players and press, answering questions, etc. Meanwhile, Badger and Puffin have been going […]

AI War 2 has left early access!

Chris here! By any sane metric I can think of, AI War 2 shouldn’t exist. And yet it’s more than I ever imagined it could be. (Store links: Steam, Humble, GOG) When we first set out to make this game three years ago, it was far less ambitious. Even that was going to be really […]

AI War 2 v1.001 Released! “Official Game Launch!”

Release notes here. The actually go-live time isn’t until 11am EST tomorrow morning (the 22nd), but we’re going ahead and pushing out this version now to make sure that everything is A-OK in advance. We actually did a small build on Friday that introduced the hacking log, but it was a small one.  Both of these […]

AI War 2 v0.952 Released! “A Little Help From Scary Friends”

Release notes here. Yesterday we actually did a small hotfix version that had a number of cool things in it, but they were small enough that I didn’t post about it here.  So hence the version jump of two. What’s new between the two of these? There’s a really cool new “Helping Hands” quick start in […]

AI War 2 v0.950 Released! “First Press Build”

Release notes here. After three long years, we’re finally at the point where we’re ready to start showing this off to the press in a non-preview fashion.  This build does still have some bugs and some rough edges, but they’re minor in the main and we have a week to finish up that sort of thing […]

AI War 2 v0.900 Released! “Custom Fleets With Empty Slots”

Release notes here. More refinement, and one major new feature.  First let’s talk about the smaller stuff: The science menu is looking better, with more icons on there. The standing order buttons now show their hotkeys for you. There’s a new “flagship movement mode” control option for all your mobile flagships and battlestations.  This lets them […]

AI War 2 v0.899 Released! “Intel Objective Difficulty Ratings”

Release notes here. More refinement!  Lots of good stuff here. The intel sidebar has a bunch of colorization improvements, as well as difficulty estimates based on things like what ships are at the planets on the way to the objective.  These sorts of things really should help new players (and frankly, anyone) choose ideal targets.  Huge […]

AI War 2 v0.898 Released! “Galactic Linkages”

Release notes here. Mostly this one is about refinement, but it has some major quality of life additions on the galaxy map, most of those thanks to Asteroid. You can now adjust the scale of icons on the galaxy map (this one I added), and the default is a bit bigger.  The smaller size was nice […]

AI War 2 v0.897 Released! “Commanding From The Galaxy Map”

Release notes here. Oh good grief this one is huge.  From one day’s work, too.  Let’s get down to it! The Title Feature: Commanding From The Galaxy Map Okay, so a funny thing happened when I added fleets to the game a few months ago: people started expecting to be able to select them on the […]

AI War 2 v0.896 Released! “Strength and Control”

Release notes here. This one has a lot of little UI improvements, many of which center around hotkeys. Some of the sidebar hotkeys are more natural now (F for fleets, etc). A number of the controls in the controls configuration menu have been recategorized or clarified. You can now hold the R key while looking at […]

AI War 2 v0.895 Released! “Major Progress On Tutorials Framework”

Release notes here. This one actually has some key bugfixes as well, including a change to how stacks work that really has an enormous impact on balance.  The AI may be too weak now, since more of your shots actually hit stacks now since that bug was fixed. There are also some new hotkeys for placing […]

AI War 2 v0.894 Released! “Desaturation And Cross-Planet Move Orders”

Release notes here. The visual look of the game is pretty notably different, in the sense that the  whole affair looks more “serious” now.  The borders of icons are thinner, and the saturation is 80% of what it used to be (by default). If you want the saturation back up bright and cheery (or even more […]

AI War 2 v0.893 Released! “Usability and Tutorial Prep”

Release notes here. There are a variety of interface improvements in this one, and some small bits of balance updates.  The quick starts are also completely reworked and should be more favorably balanced for new players to not have them get overwhelmed. Tutorials On the tutorial front, right now we’re still building the tooling for our […]

AI War 2 v0.892 Released! “All Ship and Structure Visuals Done!”

Release notes here. The graphics for ships and structures being incomplete was one of our biggest bugbears… since forever, really.  We always were adding more ships and structures faster than we could do graphics for them. It’s been well over a year since I’ve done any new ship visuals, because my focus was elsewhere, but in […]

AI War 2 v0.891 Released! “Vast Tracts of… Ship Graphics”

Release notes here. Release Date For 1.0 Coming Up! We’re closing in on an official date for launch of 1.0!  At this point we’re tentatively thinking October 22nd, which would be the 10 year anniversary of AI War Classic arriving on Steam.  I suddenly feel very old, thinking about how large a span of time that […]

AI War 2 v0.890 Released! “Lighting and Darkness”

Release notes here. This one is pretty huge! The visuals for the 3D parts of the game have been hugely updated.  Things had gotten very dark, and were hard to see as well as having bloom that was too harsh.  There’s a long explanation for that here, if you’re into that sort of thing, but suffice […]

AI War 2 v0.889 Released! “Reticulating Those Splines”

Release notes here. This one is focused on further refinement. When you first load up the game, the messages are now thematic and/or humorous.  I particularly enjoy that the computer calculates the odds, briefly panics, and then institutes a calming routine.  Depending on how fast your hard drive is, and how long  it’s been since you […]

AI War 2 v0.888 Released! “Astro Examination”

Release notes here. This release is very notable! We’ve had a lot of those, lately. C-Clicking things to learn more. It used to be that if there was a bunch of information about a group of ships, then you just got the names of the ships and not really any details.  That was… quite a pain […]

AI War 2 v0.887 Released! “Ending Scenes”

Release notes here. Lots of fixes!  These alone are worth a full release.  And same with the number of balance changes.  But that’s not remotely all what’s here… Victory and Ending Scenes! Now when you complete a game, it gives you a bit of text, a nice song, and a cool visual scene with some mild […]

AI War 2 v0.886 Released! “Zombie Homebodies”

Release notes here. Lots of fixes!  For most people, the defensive zombies aren’t the most important new thing, but it made for a funny release title so here we are. Defensive Zombies So, the behavior of zombies — enemy ships that your own ships have taken over — is a matter of some contention at the […]

AI War 2 v0.885 Released! “The Audible Bodyguard”

Release notes here. This one is pretty darn substantial! Audio On the audio side, one of the things that really spurred me to make that a shorter-term priority is Why the sound of a gun had to be nerfed in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a video that came out yesterday by People Make Games.  I’ve heard similar […]

AI War 2 v0.884 Released! “The Helping Hat”

Release notes here. This one is a bunch of bugfixes and some balance tweaks, and some bits to help you find the in-game tutorial. Sidebar: The title of this release is randomly a reference to Meet the Robinsons, which I highly recommend to anyone with kids.  But it kinda fits the mix of “tutorials plus AI,” […]

AI War 2 v0.882-0.883 Released! “Research and Reconquest”

Release notes here. This is a hefty release, with a lot of welcome gameplay, performance, and technical improvements. So, details? There is now an “autobuild factories” option, which is helpful. Magnifiers and Alarm Posts are back. Advanced Research Stations (ARSes) are back, although they work differently from the first game or from earlier in this game; […]

AI War 2 v0.881 Released! “AI Neighborhood Watch”

Release notes here. A neighborhood watch is normally something that is neighbors looking out for one another, but in this case I’m mis-naming the release in honor of the algorithm changes that Badger made to protect PLAYERS from having so darn many mark 6 and 7 planets in their galaxies.  New galaxies generated in the game […]

AI War 2 v0.880 Released! “Belatedly Finding Friends… And Enemies”

Release notes here. I took a break from the tutorials work, and instead focused on performance when it comes to big background battles between warring other factions that you might run across. There’s more that we can probably make even more performant in that area, but we need to do more profiling and figure out things […]

AI War 2 v0.879 Released! “Many Fixes and the Tutorial Rework Starts”

Release notes here. A smaller one, while we get a lot of work done on the new tutorial framework.  But still some exciting fixes, and other tweaks. Hacking no longer freezes flagships in place, and doesn’t have bugs related to canceling hacks anymore, and also shows a message explaining why your flagships can’t leave that planet. […]