AI War 2 v1.308 Released! “Mega Performance”

Release notes here.  This is another huge one, which is why it took us a week to get it to you. The top item here is performance, as the name of the release implies. The new fire teams are awesome and make the AI so much smarter, but we were having late-game performance problems with […]

AI War 2 v1.304 Released! “So You Like Combat Engineers?”

Release notes here.  This one really is just a laundry list of tweaks and fixes. First up, lots of folks noticed that combat engineers and combat sentry frigates were not constructing in the prior build.  This was the unfortunate intersection of some new (good) logic and some old (bad but not harmful until now) xml […]

AI War 2 v1.303 Released! “AI Hunter Fireteams For All”

Release notes here.  This is another followup to the epic one from a couple of days ago, mainly focused on some bugfixes and yet even more AI deadliness. First up, the Hunter fleet was previously only using the exciting new fire teams feature if you chose the new “Assassin” option.  That’s not something most people […]

AI War 2 v1.302 Released! “Frigate Empowerment”

Release notes here.  This is a small followup to the truly epic one from a couple of days ago, mainly focused on some bugfixes and balance tweaks.  More is in store for soon, but this is just a bit of tidying. Okay, maybe I lied?  For the frigates, the benefits in this version might actually […]

AI War 2 v1.3 Released! “The Grand New AI”

If you’ve been in the forums, you know that we’ve been in an opt-in beta period for the last… goodness, has it been three weeks? Release notes start here and then keep going here, here, here, here, and finally with today’s last bits here.  That’s almost 15 thousand words of text, 29 pages in a […]

AI War 2 v1.024 Released! “After Death”

Release notes here.  This one is all about the balance and bugfixes, and in a few cases those go hand-in-hand. What’s new? There was a major bug in the game in the last month or so where not every “after a ship dies” bit of data was being logged.  This came about when we started […]

AI War 2 v1.023 Released! “Cloaking Variagation”

Release notes here.  Variagation means different color patterns in the same plant, and I thought that was appropriate for what we’re doing with cloaking. What’s new? There were some problems with some people not being able to log their achievements to Steam, mostly those using non-US-English OSes or using linux.  We think that’s all fixed […]

AI War 2 v1.022 Released! “Slaying The Asymptote”

Release notes here.  All the achievements are now live on Steam, and we’ve also fixed up the build speed changes that were really bugging people in the prior build. What’s new? All 139 achievements are now live on Steam, so you can check out what those look like. The build speeds for higher-mark ships last […]

AI War 2 v1.018-1.021 Released! “Methodical Achievement”

Release notes here.  This one is pretty huge!  And it does finally have achievements — 139 of them — although not all of them will be visible on Steam for a few days. So what’s new? Achievements come with a few caveats, such as not having an in-game list to view them yet, and not […]

AI War 2 v1.017 Released! “Random AI Types”

Release notes here.  Lots of good fixes and tweaks in this one! There are finally random AI types that you can select in the lobby (Random Easier, Random Moderate, Random Hard, Random Brutal, Random Any), which is a long-requested feature that the first game had. The lobby now also sorts the AI types by difficulty […]

AI War 2 v1.016 Released! “Back From Beta”

It’s nice to do a beta when needed, but it’s also nice to keep that period brief.  We found a number of problems in 1.015 that we fixed and pushed in two non-version-incrementing releases that we just wrapped into the older release notes. Release notes for the new build are here.  They’re very small by […]

AI War 2 BETA v1.015 Released! “Testing The Outguard Waters”

Sometimes when we introduce changes that are sufficiently large, we like to run it through a beta branch first.  This is one of those releases, with the changes to the Outguard.   We’d love it if lots of folks would give this a try, so that we can feel confident bringing this back off the beta […]

AI War 2 v1.014 Released! “High AIP Playstyle Viability”

Release notes here. This one has a lot of cool stuff that should make more playstyles viable.  It may make the game a little easier than we want, but one step at a time.  Balance Swinging Your Direction A Bit For Once Next release will have some exciting changes to the outguard that StarKelp has designed […]

AI War 2 v1.013 Released! “Menacing Messages From The Machine”

Release notes here. Lots more stuff, and there was an intermediate hotfix build as well in here.  Main new things: The AI now writes you a chat message as well as giving you the voice taunt.  So if you have sound off, or voice off, or just have trouble understanding it in the din of battle… […]

AI War 2 v1.011 Released! “SuperCat Swats Back”

Release notes here. This is a big one, in terms of having a lot of items.  They fall into six main categories: Continued UI polish. Some experimental changes to group-move from a new volunteer dev. Tweaks to the Intel screen and some new beginner objectives for ARS, GCA and flagship capturing to teach people that those […]

AI War 2 v1.010 Released! “Extracting Those Archives”

Release notes here. Relatively small release, and honestly the largest improvements are to the  metal flows detail screen.  But something about hacking, and in particularly spire archives, always makes me think of this scene from Star Trek TNG. “I just love scanning for life forms” pops into my head in daily life much more often than […]

AI War 2 v1.008 Released! “Golems And Arks Come Marching In”

Release notes here. Lots of stuff in this one!  Also, there’s a new interview with me and Rob chatting over at the eXplorminate’s podcast, if you’re interested. There’s a new option under the debug settings that lets you forcefully change the difficulty of the AIs if you want to, after having already started the game.  Later […]

AI War 2 v1.007 Released! “The Player/AI Arms Race Intensifies”

Release notes here. Some players have noted that they’re able to deep-strike way into enemy territory with what feels like too little response from the AI.  So… now the AI has a new AI Reserve force (in new campaigns only) that it can bring in to help defend its planets when it detects you deep-striking. A […]

AI War 2 v1.006 Released! “Freedom Of Fleet Line Combination”

Release notes here. Duplicate Ship Lines In One Fleet The marquee feature in this build is that you have full freedom with your fleets now to combine the same ship type into multiple slots of a single fleet if you want.  Aka, if you have three lines of snipers or bombers, you can just slap those […]

AI War 2 v1.005 Released! “Answering Your Top Requests”

Release notes here. There are actually several releases in one here, since we had a few small ones we just posted about on the forums rather than making a full announcement.  But we’re back to where we’ll be doing an announcement for each release again. This particular build… does a whole heck of a lot, good […]

AI War 2 v1.002 Released! “ARSes, Instigators, and Tech Vaults, Oh My”

Release notes here. This has been a very busy week!  Personally I was doing semi-successful broadcasts of myself playing the game on Steam, and then the world’s longest AMA on reddit, and originally before that just looking into a ton of correspondence with players and press, answering questions, etc. Meanwhile, Badger and Puffin have been going […]

AI War 2 has left early access!

Chris here! By any sane metric I can think of, AI War 2 shouldn’t exist. And yet it’s more than I ever imagined it could be. (Store links: Steam, Humble, GOG) When we first set out to make this game three years ago, it was far less ambitious. Even that was going to be really […]

AI War 2 v1.001 Released! “Official Game Launch!”

Release notes here. The actually go-live time isn’t until 11am EST tomorrow morning (the 22nd), but we’re going ahead and pushing out this version now to make sure that everything is A-OK in advance. We actually did a small build on Friday that introduced the hacking log, but it was a small one.  Both of these […]

AI War 2 v0.952 Released! “A Little Help From Scary Friends”

Release notes here. Yesterday we actually did a small hotfix version that had a number of cool things in it, but they were small enough that I didn’t post about it here.  So hence the version jump of two. What’s new between the two of these? There’s a really cool new “Helping Hands” quick start in […]

AI War 2 v0.950 Released! “First Press Build”

Release notes here. After three long years, we’re finally at the point where we’re ready to start showing this off to the press in a non-preview fashion.  This build does still have some bugs and some rough edges, but they’re minor in the main and we have a week to finish up that sort of thing […]

AI War 2 v0.900 Released! “Custom Fleets With Empty Slots”

Release notes here. More refinement, and one major new feature.  First let’s talk about the smaller stuff: The science menu is looking better, with more icons on there. The standing order buttons now show their hotkeys for you. There’s a new “flagship movement mode” control option for all your mobile flagships and battlestations.  This lets them […]

AI War 2 v0.899 Released! “Intel Objective Difficulty Ratings”

Release notes here. More refinement!  Lots of good stuff here. The intel sidebar has a bunch of colorization improvements, as well as difficulty estimates based on things like what ships are at the planets on the way to the objective.  These sorts of things really should help new players (and frankly, anyone) choose ideal targets.  Huge […]

AI War 2 v0.898 Released! “Galactic Linkages”

Release notes here. Mostly this one is about refinement, but it has some major quality of life additions on the galaxy map, most of those thanks to Asteroid. You can now adjust the scale of icons on the galaxy map (this one I added), and the default is a bit bigger.  The smaller size was nice […]