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“Having played a variety of games in different genres, I will say it
has been awhile since I have found such a
great PC puzzle game. Seeing me testing this game for the review, my
fiance even gave this game a try, leading to
us buying a second copy of the game for its multiplayer capability.
If you are looking for a great game that will
be enjoyed by your entire family for some time, I recommend
downloading Tidalis and giving it a try. You will not
regret it.”

(9.5/10 Score)

“Tidalis is a highly polished, cleverly designed puzzle game that
is saturated with content, and detail in a way
that even many larger studio developed titles often don’t compare to.
I’m not typically a fan of puzzle games
personally, but I found myself highly entertained, and quickly hooked
on this title.”

Jordan Rivas

“I will be playing this game years from now and still enjoying
every bit of it. It has depth, complexity, beauty
and richness beyond many other puzzle games currently available.”

A Paladin Without A Crusade…

“Tidalis promises to take you to unexplored realms, both through
its fantastical storyline and its fresh take on
the match-three puzzler. You’ll still be matching up some familiar
coloured blocks, but the way you do it differs
considerably from other games in the genre.”

Mundy, GameZebo
(4/5 Stars)

“Het maken van lange stromen en combo’s is iets waar je je
urenlang mee kan vermaken en biedt de vernieuwing die
zo vaak afwezig is bij genregenoten. Met de combinatie van
vernieuwing en content heeft Arcen Games dan ook bewezen
dat dit genre nog verre van verzadigd is. “

Roland van
(9/10 Score)

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