GameShark and Appletell Reviews of Tidalis — Top Marks!

“I can say with some authority that Tidalis stands apart… The bottom line is that Tidalis is a flexible,
smart, refreshingly unique puzzle design, and it’s situated neatly into a large generous package. It’s far better
than any mere puzzle game should be.”

Tom Chick, GameShark (GameShark Editor’s Choice Award, “A” Score)

“Usually, puzzle games have such a simple concept that they quickly become boring or they require you to have
lightning reflexes just to keep up. It’s because of this that I usually avoid puzzle games entirely. Yet Tidalis is
the first one I’ve played that I can recommend to everyone without reservation. Whether you match three colors in your
sleep or avoid puzzles like a plague, Tidalis is a really fun game that will keep you entertained and strategizing for
hours on end.”

Erica Marceau, Appletell (4/5 Score)

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