Exodus Of The Machine Teaser 1

Exodus Of The Machine is a new strategic journey game by Arcen Games, set in the universe of the cult classic AI War: Fleet Command.  Lead a team trapped on a hostile planet and desperately pursuing a threat which could destroy humanity outright. 

Vicious predators, clashing armies, and political intrigue stand in your way.  None can stand before your modern weapons, but where do you use your limited ammunition?  Do you resort to diplomacy, or native weapons?  Will you fall to disease or run out of food stores?  Can you get to the end in time?

Exodus combines Arcen’s love of all things strategic within a framework reminiscent of our old favorite Oregon Trail.

This is a title we’ve been quietly working on.  It’s “coming soon,” which is a vague way of saying that it will be in 2013 but that we don’t want to commit to a date yet.  We wanted to share a bit with you about what we’re working on, but right now the above is all we’re comfortable revealing.  We’ll have something a bit more meaty for you next time!

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  1. Are you able to comment yet on whether this is a SP-only experience or if it’ll have coop like your games traditionally have had?

  2. We’re planning on co-op, but I can’t 100% promise it will happen. If we do it you’d be sharing control of the members of one traveling party, not controlling multiple parties or whatever. So a lot more like a co-op boardgame like that one LoTR one that kept murderizing me.

    (incidentally the comment interface just asked me to “Please prove you’re not a robot”. I think that should actually be fine for posting about this game, really)

  3. I love that LOTR board game, actually. I play as Sauron typically, though. ;)

  4. nas1m says:

    This – sounds – SO – good = )!

  5. “I love that LOTR board game, actually. I play as Sauron typically, though. ;)”

    Then you know why I am making this game.

  6. Then you know why I make most games. ;)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Normally, I’d just tell you to shut up and take my money… this time, to be different: tell me more and please take my money :)

  8. Sharing control of a single party sounds quite fun, I hope you’re able to add it! My play time is usually spent with a friend or two, so coop will pretty much insure at least one purchase. ;)

  9. Please please tell me you have read the March Upcountry series by David Weber and John Ringo…

  10. @Joseph Goodwin:

    The design and story has moved on in a lot of ways since the beginning, so the inspiration won’t be as obvious as perhaps you might be hoping for… but the idea from this game happened literally as I was just finishing reading “We Few” (for others reading this, that’s the fourth and currently latest book in the March Upcountry series).

  11. @Keith LaMothe I wasnt hoping for a game version of the books, but the fact that you read the books means I dont have to type in all the hopes and dreams I have…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Looks way interesting. I especially like having a new expansion of the AI War story, in a new direction and type of game. :)


  13. Anonymous says:

    I really, really like the artwork!


  14. Brian Chase says:

    Sounds fantastic! Please keep us updated

  15. Where (and when) do we deposit our money?

  16. Unknown says:

    “…a framework reminiscent of our old favorite, Oregon Trail.”

    So it’s death by cholera, dysentery, or drowning in a river crossing…

    …IN SPACE!

    But I jest, I’m looking forward to this game. :)

  17. Unknown says:

    *sees name listed as “Unknown”*

    I had to go through two layers of security just to post a bon mot and I’m listed as just another anon? Bad enough Blogger’s slow…


  18. pcnerdy says:

    Oregon trail? Sounds great. :)

    (you have died of dysentery)

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