Donating To Arcen Games

Donating To Arcen Games, LLC

A Note From Chris Park, Arcen’s Founder
So you’re at our donations page. First of all, let me state that we do not expect people to make financial donations. We’re a for-profit company in the business of making computer games, and our funding typically comes from sales of our products (we are not publisher-funded or investor-funded in any way). We really aren’t asking for donations, donations to us are not a tax writeoff, and we don’t offer any sort of prizes or rewards for donations (we give out our free DLC as a thank-you to all customers and as a way to keep our games alive, not as an incentive to give us more money).

Okay… why have a donations page, then? The simple answer is that some of our fans have requested a way to make financial contributions to us beyond simply purchasing a large volume of our games (we get a lower percentage even through our website’s ecommerce platform compared to when you donate direct through Paypal). Arcen is a really small company, and we’re still in that growing phase where our longterm future is not 100% assured, and some fans have simply desired to help out. That’s something we are very grateful for, that anyone believes that much in what we make and how we do business that they’d like to give us more of their hard-earned money when they’ve already helped support us by buying our products. It’s really touching, and I feel very honored.

That said, financial donations are really not what we are most in need of at present, though everything helps. There may come a time when we have to ask for donations in order to stay afloat, although I hope that dark day never does arrive. For now, the best way to make a big difference to is to tell friends and family who might be interested in our games, and to spread the news about our products and (if you wish) how we do business on other Internet communities at which you are already a participant. Don’t go spamming anyone, but our business is founded upon positive word of mouth rather than advertising, and every little bit helps.

For those who still wish to give us a financial donation, I present to you… the below button. Don’t feel in any way obligated to click it — really. If you do donate, we’ll put the money to good use in the typical fashion of paying our staff and contractors, paying our other business expenses, upgrading our game creation software/hardware, or whatever other expenses are most prominent at the time. As always, we appreciate your support — our company couldn’t exist without such an awesome fanbase that has arisen.