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Valley 2 Beta .714 “Monstercopia” Released!

This one adds a whopping eleven new monsters for your enjoyment.  Not a whole lot else to say on this one; there were a few bugfixes and tweaks as well, but mainly this is a big content dump.  I’m pretty excited about how these affect the feel of the game, but that’s a given! More […]

Valley 2 Beta .713 “Scatter And Gather” Released!

This one further refines the controls to a really precise degree, majorly upgrades three spell groups, and adds three new monsters. As if that wasn’t enough, this one also comes with our next major batch of strategic game changes — perhaps the most major we’ll be making this month, we’ll see.  There will certainly be […]

Valley 2 Beta .712 “Chipping Away Everything That Doesn’t Look Like An Elephant” Released!

This one refines several core game mechanics further.  Most notably, the aiming and the death penalty mechanics. Thanks for bearing with us as we go through this refinement process; we’re intending to be done with this and fully stabilized by February, but in the meantime some fluctuations are inevitable.  As the old joke goes: “How […]

Valley 2 Beta .711 “Trimming The Fat” Released!

This one adds in limited context-based angled shots, as well as making a lot of strategy-related changes.  This will be the first round of several as we refine the strategy game during this month.  From the release notes, here’s my explanation of what we’re up to: While we do feel that we have a solid […]

Valley 2 Beta .710 “More Monsters At Last” Released!

This one has a few tweaks and bugfixes, but mainly it’s focused on adding more monsters.  Prior to this release we had 13 of the target 114ish monsters implemented.  Now we’ve added 5 more.  The effect that this has on the game in terms of the feeling of variety as you explore around is pretty […]

Valley 2 Beta .709 “Water And Wind” Released!

This one is mostly smaller improvements to the game, but this sort of thing adds up.  We’re not going to be focusing on this sort of smaller polish to the exclusion of new content (like enemies and so forth) for very much longer, but we had a backlog after the holiday break and are trying […]

Valley 2 Beta .708 “Aggressive Angles” Released!

This one is the first beta update since our return from the holidays.  Yesterday I was in meetings practically all day about our various in-work projects, making sure that we hit the ground running in the new year.  Things are looking good on that score! In terms of this new version of Valley 2, there’s […]

A Valley Without Wind 2 Early-Access Beta Out on Steam for PC/Mac

The Valley 2 Beta has arrived, and is now available on Steam for both PC and Mac. Those who purchase the title will receive instant access to the latest beta build, as well as a free copy of the original A Valley Without Wind. The bundle deal also works the other way around, so anyone who […]

Valley 2 Enters Private Alpha — First Alpha Screens And Video!

Up until now, I’ve been guarded about showing media relating to

The latest on the Valley 2 schedule

Without preamble: I had been hoping to have the

Meet Some Of The Monsters Of Valley 2 (Concept Art)

I thought that folks might enjoy seeing some more of the concept art sketches for various of the 120 new enemies that are coming for A Valley Without Wind 2.  These concept sketches are done at Heavy Cat for purposes of informing the final sprites that will be created of each monster; these aren’t the […]

A Valley Without Wind 2 – a full sequel free for existing customers – is coming.

I’ve been hinting about this over here, and actually answered a lot of questions about it.  However, we were planning on doing a big announcement through an interview with a major news site to announce the game, and so we didn’t want to say too much. We’re now reversing that stance, however.  We actually don’t […]

New WIP Art Images For A Valley Without Wind

It’s been exactly a month since my last post of WIP art on AVWW!  Fear not, it’s not because not much has been going on — it’s because a ton has, but we can’t quite talk about it yet.  That said, the art is proceeding really well and I thought I’d share these bits of […]

WIP Images From The A Valley Without Wind Art Revamp

These aren’t final yet, but it’s been a while since we’ve shared any images from the art rework project and I wanted to give you a taste of what’s coming.  These are coming along well! Part of a scrolling parallax backdrop Desert Building Desert Building 2 Desert Hut Again, bear in mind that none of […]

Busy Schedule For The Remainder Of 2012

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the forums and/or the Games By Design blog, you’ll know we’ve been planning quite a bit for the second half of the year. A new AI War expansion, completely redone art for A Valley Without Wind, and the reveal of our latest title Shattered Haven. AI War: Ancient […]

Update On The “A Valley Without Wind” Art Rework Project

So!  You may or may not know, but we’ve been working on getting a variety of mockups for A Valley Without Wind in order to significantly improve the quality of the art.  The art quality of the game has been really divisive among players since before beta for the game even started, but we never […]