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Tidalis Reviewed At PC Games And Reviews

“Tidalis is well produced in both the looks and sound departments and sports a puzzle mechanic I’ve not seen before. It has literally hours of stream-building puzzle action, plus it has a character called Humphrey and if that isn’t an excuse to buy this I don’t know what is! Puzzlers: Go Get!” Andy Yates, PC […]

More Great Tidalis Reviews!

“Tidalis is a dream of a game, and more than worth the money paid for purchase. If you like Bejewelled, Tetris or any title that tests your brain, Tidalis is a must-buy.” Harry Balls (5/5 Stars) “Overall it’s a cracking puzzle game title – it looks great, is easy to pick up the basics but […]

Bytten Review Of Tidalis

“Tidalis is the first game in recent memory that I can unreservedly recommend to everybody. If you’re a puzzle game fan then it’s a no-brainer. Tidalis is simply the best abstract puzzle game on the market, hands down. If you’re not much of a puzzle game fan, then prepare to be surprised.” Steve Blanch, Bytten […]

More Excellent Reviews Of Tidalis!

“I was extremely impressed by Tidalis… The Co-Op Experience: The standard for judging drop in/drop out co-op, with custom options for two-well co-op and even online co-op, Tidalis takes the co-op puzzler crown.” Marc Allie, Co-Optimus (5/5 Co-Op Score, 4.5/5 Overall Score)   “Tidalis is an excellent and very polished action-puzzler, that impressively lets you […]

Bill Harris of “Dubious Quality” Reviews Tidalis

“This is easily the most interesting, unique gameplay mechanic I’ve ever seen in a puzzle game. It’s terrific.” Bill Harris

More Tidalis Reviews!

“Having played a variety of games in different genres, I will say it has been awhile since I have found such a great PC puzzle game. Seeing me testing this game for the review, my fiance even gave this game a try, leading to us buying a second copy of the game for its multiplayer […]

Some of the first Tidalis reviews are in, and the game is getting top marks!

“Tidalis is a match-3 game that doesn’t feel tired or repetitive: I actually want to play it, which says something considering how many puzzle games I’ve reviewed. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Tidalis is one of the best puzzle game I’ve ever played. Simply put, if you like puzzle games (and […]

AI War takes Best Overall Game in the 2010 Bytten Ernie Awards

Indie review site Bytten was among the first three sites to review AI War last year.  Today the 2010 iteration of their annual Ernie awards has come out, and (spoiler alert) AI War: Fleet Command received the Best Overall Game award from them.  We’re couldn’t be more pleased, as they were one of Arcen’s earliest […]

Metacritic: AI War 40th Best PC Game of 2009

All the way back in December, Metacritic released their annual list of the year’s best-reviewed games on each platform. Things have been so busy here at Arcen that somehow we missed posting a news item about this, but we thought it was pretty cool to say the least. For a game that started out as […]

Holiday Roundup

It’s been an incredibly busy time here at Arcen in the last two months, what with Pablo and Chris coming on fulltime and all the paperwork and business stuff that entails, the ongoing development of The Zenith Remnant, our further pre-development of art and design for our next two titles (the first two previews for […]

DarkZero Review of AI War

My views of indie games have forever been altered. When was the last time you played an indie game that contained the amount of content of several retail games? If you have ever played and enjoyed Sins of a Solar Empire but cried because you couldn’t play it on a laptop or that the scale […]

AceGamez Review of AI War

[I]f you love realistic, complex and thorough space-based real time strategies, purchase this game right now as it is an aspiring space commander’s dream. – Tom Clark, AceGamez

Gaming Nexus Review of AI War

For me, it’s a rare thing indeed for a game to move from total obscurity to a fixed place on my hard drive in the course of a handful of days… [AI War] is just brimming with innovative twists on the 4X-style RTS. – Tyler Sager, Gaming Nexus

Big Download Review of AI War

AI War is, quite simply, the best experience you could have with co-op or single-player real-time strategy in this or any year. It combines grand strategy with emergent AI to form an excellent game perfect for parties and multiplayer. It is easily worth double the price that the developer is selling it at, and anyone […]

Co-Optimus Review of AI War

[AI War] manages to propel the RTS genre forward and beyond its usual trappings with an innovation that is so simple it’s amazing it hasn’t been done previously, while still managing to keep the spirit of those classic RTS games alive.  Best of all, it does so with one key element in mind: co-op is […]

Diehard GameFAN Review of AI War

Sure, the genres are different, and the settings couldn’t be more varied, but here we go. A.I. War: Fleet Command is more addictive than Diablo II. … A.I. War: Fleet Command is the rare game that comes along out of nowhere and makes you pay attention. … It won’t break the bank, you don’t need […]

Cheat Code Central Review of AI War

AI War: Fleet Command provides the kind of gameplay depth rarely seen in today’s mainstream RTS offerings, and it does so with one dimension tied behind its back. – Derek Hidey, Cheat Code Central

Gamer Limit Review of AI War

While the casual gamer will find the sheer volume of this game very intimidating, AIW:CF will undoubtedly have a strong draw to the RTS enthusiast. Because of its support for a vast number of units, and exploration of a seemingly endless planetary system, it will leave gamers playing the same map for hours on end. […]

Boomtown Review of AI War

It’s a powerful experience when a game’s less frenetic moments are just as absorbing as its action, and AI War manages to engross from all available angles, challenging the player with strategically demanding scenarios and framing it all in brilliant 2D visuals that provide ample visual stimuli but maintain easy access to statistics. Expertly crafted […]

PC Gamer UK Review of AI War

AI War breaks most of the genre’s rules. Which is precisely why it’s incredible… This out-of-the-blue one-man passion project is one of this year’s finest strategy games. – PC Gamer UK Review, November 2009

Independent Gaming Article At Gaming Daily

David from Gaming Daily has written a nice article about the state of independent gaming. The discussion is on how and why indie games differ from their AAA counterparts, and cites AI War as an example in several spots: Independent Gaming

AI War on Rock, Paper Shotgun

It’s a Sins of the Solar Empire meets Supreme Commander meets Simply Nothing Else, and I think a lot of you will find this very intriguing. – Kieron Gillen, Rock, Paper Shotgun

Game Vortex Review of AI War

If it hadn’t been brought to my attention through an email, I probably would have never heard of AI War: Fleet Command. This would be a shame because it turned out to be one of the more entertaining games I’ve played recently. It isn’t something for everyone, but fans of well-thought-out strategy games will want […]

Crispy Gamer Article About AI War

I think I’ve stumbled across this year’s Really New Thing. There’s a lot of 2009 to go, but I’ll be surprised if anyone else twists the RTS formula this dramatically and this effectively. And I’m hoping it’ll be the Next Big Thing, because it’s big, different, entirely unprecedented and an exciting way to play an […]

PC Games and Reviews – AI War Review

I’ve played quite a few space RTS and empire builder type games in my time, but AI War feels like it’s on a different scale … one of the more epic tactical RTS games I think I’ve seen to date. If you’re an RTS nut this is not one to pass over! – Andy Yates, […]

CaptainD’s PC Gaming Blog: First Thoughts On AI War

If you’ve been looking for a challenging, detailed RTS that will fill your strategy needs for a long time, and particularly if you have a few friends who would want to join you in your battle against the AI, then this could very well be what you’ve been looking for. – CaptainD, CaptainD’s PC Gaming […]

The Wargamer Review of AI War

 On the surface, AI War seems to be a traditional real-time strategy, not unlike its similar space-based cousin, Sins of a Solar Empire, with large numbers of units across huge, mostly empty, maps. However, this assumption would largely be inaccurate. Instead, AI War is a rather novel blend of RTS, tower defense, grand strategy, and, […]

Bytten And Out Of Eight Reviews of AI War

Two new reviews of AI War have now come out. Be sure to click the links to read the full reviews, if you’re interested! We’ve also now set up a Press & Player Reactions page to aggregate reviews and player reactions all in one place. I can’t recommend it any more highly to strategy fans […]