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First TLF Let’s Play Videos Surface

Wanted to quickly post and share the first trio of TLF Let’s Play videos from Pewpewchewchew, Kailvin, and th_pion. They popped up over the past day or so, and all three are generally positive (exciting!): Only two days away from The Last Federation’s official release! Subscribe to our mailing list for The Last Federation release news

Holiday Guide For Arcen Titles

The holidays are coming up fast, and so ’tis the season to start thinking about gifts for friends and family.  Arcen’s catalog of games has really swelled this year, and you may have missed some of our titles.  Or you may be new to Arcen, and may have overlooked our excellent older titles.  Here’s a […]

Skyward Collapse Reviews, AI War 7.0 Coverage and Other Press/Videos

2013 has been nuts. It’s crazy to look back at what we’ve been able to do in the past six months (especially if you’re aware of our previous track record): launching A Valley Without Wind 2, Shattered Haven, Skyward Collapse and AI War: Vengeance of the Machine between February and June. Quite a schedule! The […]

Players and Press React To Skyward Collapse

It’s been a crazy few days since Skyward Collapse launched late last week. The game has received a few new updates, the Steam community already has a guide up, and players (QuartertoThree, Octopus Overlords, Bay 12 Forums), video channel owners and press (Kotaku, PC Gamer, Cult of Mac) seem to be buzzing about it — for […]

Valley 2: Reviews, Podcasts, and Let’s Play Videos

Valley 2 1.003 is out now, if you hadn’t heard. As we let the game breathe a bit, our focus shifts to Shattered Haven’s official launch later this month (March 18th, to be exact). Before that, however, we wanted to highlight all the coverage Valley 2 (and company) has seen in the past month — […]

Valley 2 Coverage Ahead Of Next Week’s Launch

While Valley 2 makes its final preparations to transition from beta to 1.0 (launching February 18th), a lot of great coverage has poured in from both game blogs and video channels alike. We’ve all been busy chatting it up with various publications about everything that’s kept us busy in the early part of the year, and some […]

Frozen Synapse: Red Release And New Valley Reviews/Videos

Our good friends at Mode 7 Games have released the Red expansion for their tactical heaven Frozen Synapse. They’ve added co-op, and a new campaign, and a new multiplayer mode, and…well, a ton of good stuff. It’s absolutely jam-packed, and does more than just slap a fresh coat of (red) paint on one of the better indie […]

Indie Game Sales, Bundles, And AVWW Stuff

Big things happening these days. A Valley Without Wind has seen several more additions and refinements over the past week as we approach the 1.1 (and first official) update for the game. We also have a pretty cool announcement we’ve been sitting on for a few days that hopefully we’ll be able to share before the weekend, […]

Gratuitous Tank Battles Out Now (Also New Arcen Press)

Our good friend Cliff Harris of Positech has officially released his latest title, Gratuitous Tank Battles. The game looks (and is) fantastic already, plus he’s aiming to provide a goodly amount of post-launch support for the title; with mod support first up on his list. You can purchase GTB now through Positech directly, on Steam, Gamersgate, […]

New Reviews, Interviews, and Videos for AVWW

The past few days saw several new feature additions to A Valley Without Wind highlighted (at least I’d say) by the addition of the store in 1.009. Tom Chick talks to Chris for a good two and a half hours on Quarter To Three’s podcast, chatting on AVWW, Arcen, some preferred genres, and gaming in general. […]

AVWW Now Available On Desura; New Reviews and Coverage

A few new AVWW items to pass along. First off, post-release 1.007 hit last night, bringing in several new features and improvements. If you’ve been away from Environ for a couple days, check back in and take another look around. We’re also happy to pass along that A Valley Without Wind is out on Desura. Both the full game […]

New AVWW Reviews and GGTL’s Livestream Event

A few new A Valley Without Wind reviews we wanted to pass along, plus a live event taking place this weekend to mention. In Armaan Khan’s review on TruePCGaming he felt had barely scratched the surface in terms of content during the 12 hours he spent in the game. As he puts it: “a time in which […]

AVWW Launch Week Press Continues To Roll In

Some wonderful surprises arrived today on the press front for A Valley Without Wind, highlighted by Kate Cox’s feature on Kotaku where she raved about the game so eloquently we had to have one of her best quotes added to our game page on Steam. Rob Manuel gave us a very nice shout out in […]

AVWW Launch Day 1B Press

We’re finally in the homestretch of the 48-hour launch day for A Valley Without Wind. The game is now out on Steam and IndieCity, and we have a slew of new coverage landing since our last update. Dan Crabtree gives the game a ‘Try It’ rating in his review ‘A Valley Without Wind remembers a […]

AVWW Launch Day 1A Press

As you may have heard today’s A Valley Without Wind’s launch went well in several ways, but the day wrapped with us having to move the game’s release on a couple distributors (Steam and Gamestop) back until tomorrow. Everything is progressing well, we just ran out of time tonight. Reviews, Impressions, and Interviews Still there was […]

New Wave Of A Valley Without Wind Press Includes First Reviews

On the eve of A Valley Without Wind’s release we have several bits of press coverage to share including the first two reviews for the game. James Allen enjoyed nearly all aspects of the title giving the game a 7/8 on Out of Eight. James also posted a sizable YT video entitled ‘Battleground, Building and Cave Exploration, […]

New AI War Reviews and LP Videos

Several reviews and Let’s Play videos have hit the net for AI War: Fleet Command 5.0 over this past year that we’ve been meaning to pass along. They all have some very nice words on the game, which is always rewarding for us to hear. They’re also a great reference point to have as a developer, especially […]

Digital Hippos and DarkstarMatryx Review Tidalis

It’s been so busy around here prepping for the A Valley Without Wind beta that we’ve slipped a bit in keeping up with sharing reviews of our games. Let’s remedy the situation right now! Two favorable reviews for Tidalis have hit relatively recently via Digital Hippos and DarkstarMatryx. Here’s a bit from each (both are […]

Tidalis (Mac) Reviewed on Brutal Gamer

Amy Nelson of Brutal Gamer has taken the time to have a look at the Mac version of our puzzler Tidalis. In it she touches on the amount of variety in the game, as well as discussing both the more intense and zen-like modes she came across and how they compliment one another. She concludes […]

AI War Expansions Reviewed on Big Download

James Murff of Big Download already gave AI War a full review back in 2009, and now he has given the same treatment to all three of the game’s expansions: The Zenith Remnant, Children of Neinzul, and Light of the Spire. Some of our favorite excerpts: “Each expansion is independent of the others and brings […]

AI War LotS Review on Indie Game Reviewer

Over on Indie Game Reviewer Callabrantus has taken the time to check out and give his thoughts on AI War’s recently released Light of the Spire expansion. Some of the more tasty bits: “This latest entry brings with it a healthy variety of new content and features, most notably the campaign modes, while staying true […]

AI War Review on

AI War 5.0 has received a glowing review from John over on Here’s some of our favorite words: “I love that AI War is so different from every other Real-Time strategy out these days…No other strategy game that I’ve played treats the player to battles of such epic proportions…AI War: Fleet Command is a […]

AI War and LotS Review on IncGamers

Peter Parrish has written a great review of AI War and the Light of the Spire expansion over on IncGamers. In it he awards the game a 9 out of 10 on their review scale and sums it up as “an exceptional, unique strategy title with near-endless customization and unparalleled post-release support.” A particular excerpt […]

Eurogamer Reviews AI War!

It’s a balancing act, with your own strength on one side, and the AI’s opinion of you on the other. Piss it off before you’re ready to face it, and you’re going to get squashed. That moment, when you’re finally in a position to turn the tables, is about as glorious as gaming gets. – […]

Tidalis #2 On Tom Chick’s Games You Should Have Played This Year

Tom Chick, taste-maker PC games reviewer also to be found on SyFy channel’s blog Fidgit, has recently been posting his 2010-in-retrospective posts.  The most recent, Ten games you should have played in 2010, held an excellent surprise for us: Tidalis in the #2 spot.  “The thinking man’s Bejeweled 3,” indeed.  His original review of the […]

Recent Reviews For Tidalis And AI War

 Tidalis: “It’s evident from the onset that a vast amount of passion was poured into this game, from the superb piano-and-string musical score to the detailed and smoothly animated backgrounds… Seriously, the effort poured into this game cannot be stressed enough. You can submit scores to twitter, customize the appearance of blocks, even directly edit […]

Big Download Review of Tidalis

“Tidalis is, in short, stunning. It’s one of the most complex, yet easy to learn, games we have ever played. Just when you think you know everything, new blocks and modes are given to you to toy with, leading to tons of replayability. We would, in fact, say that this is one of the best […]

GameShark and Appletell Reviews of Tidalis — Top Marks!

“I can say with some authority that Tidalis stands apart… The bottom line is that Tidalis is a flexible, smart, refreshingly unique puzzle design, and it’s situated neatly into a large generous package. It’s far better than any mere puzzle game should be.” Tom Chick, GameShark (GameShark Editor’s Choice Award, “A” Score) “Usually, puzzle games […]